Peterson, poor man’s Jung

False prophet, will ruin a good life.
“I have no idea who it was who first introduced me to Jordan Peterson”
You know who.
“And, too, the marital problems and selfish, sinful decisions I had made incentivized me to look for an escape from God’s judgment. Sin always looks to justify itself, and sinners are no different. I wanted to justify my sin, justify myself, and avoid the consequences. All of it together brewed into a perfect storm, which subsequently broke. I told my wife I didn’t know if God existed, that I doubted, and that I hated Him for imposing restrictions on my life. It was hardly coherent. She was understandably shocked and appalled.”
Making men fail.
She’s right to abandon a man who refuses to do his duty as the spiritual head of the household. That isn’t a man let alone husband, or the man she swore to serve. He failed to serve her.
See, they want a head shot. Instant kill of the family unit.
“I never doubted God’s existence prior to Jordan Peterson. Peterson’s philosophy shook my belief and deepened my despair and destructive spiral.”
Know them by their fruit. A good tree produces good fruit. A bad tree produces bad fruit. A bad tree must be cut down and burned.
He isn’t even right-wing. Don’t listen to any profane sentiments on the sacred. They’re making it up. It’s a game to them.
Narcissists enjoy destroying the happiness of others.
Don’t marry, don’t breed, don’t be happy. – not your friends
Your instincts to survive and thrive are natural and holy.
He infantilizes you like the SJWs do everyone.
Whatever, you’ll figure it out eventually.

A classic manipulation technique is to distract you with mundane life e.g. chores, to keep a good brain distracted from purpose and higher calling.

What does Peterson’s ideal culture look like? ….Nobody can answer this.

They all have different answers. He’s an inkblot for gullible idiots. The “fuck you, Dad!” philosopher.

Losers want you to sit around being miserable and useful idiots for their ends.

The manosphere is one big excuse to let white men cuck for non-whites.

The gator will bite you.

Remember, they aren’t “your women”, you sexist pig, even if it’s your wife/mother/daughter.

Those African men are real manly alpha, they have a right to your homeland. As they chase those little girls down, don’t worry, they wanted it! All white women are whores and want to be raped, right?

They can’t be raped if their ideology (cult) thinks all women are whores. Result: no obligation to defend anything. How convenient, and principled!

It’s a great way for white men to be cowards but portray it as strength (fucking gammas).

Because obviously, if there’s a Taharrush game near you, that’s just their masculine culture and you should side with the men 110% of the time, even as they’re raping those “little sluts” that said No like feminists.

What happens when the white men say no? They act like non-whites don’t ever rape white men or boys.

First they came for the white children.

I did not speak out because I am not a child.

Next they came for the white women.

I did not speak out because I am a man.

Finally, they came for the white man.

Everyone said he deserved it.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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