Tricked by Communists?

never heard that one before

“what Stalin did was he suckered Hitler and got him to agree to attack Poland, he basically bribed Hitler to attack Poland and the whole point of getting Hitler to attack Poland was to force Britain and France to declare war on Hitler, which they did. Now what was very clever was that Stalin was supposed to attack Poland at the same time that’s what he committed to do in the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact that was signed in Moscow and the fascinating thing was that the Russians didn’t do it.”

History is corrected constantly.

” why the Soviets were basically waiting from 1918 on for the opportunity to take over all of Western Europe ”

Let someone else fight then kill the new guy.
Classic r.

And what certain fake right wingers are currently doing.

Be nice to the new lion in town then wait until he’s comfortable. Then kill him and lead the pride yourself.

3 responses to “Tricked by Communists?

    • Who, Stalin? Stalin wasn’t Jewish. His surname isn’t of Jewish or Hebrew origin, and the folks who pushed that around were the same ones clinging to the Jewish Bolshevik thing. There’s an article on Counter-Currents about that subject.

  1. People forget that Poland was as much responsible as the two powers here. Churchill noted that Poland was like a hyena, gleefully devouring carcasses of former powers and very antagonistic to others. It knew France despised Germany and Germany despised France, so it played its part.

    Stalin wasn’t stupid. He played the game. He knew what Hitler wanted and toyed with him. Safe to say Hitler underestimated him and the USSR.

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