What’s worse than man face? The schmoes who are attracted to it.

Gay but in denial, every time.
In an androgynous time, preferring still more masculine features is indicative. The conscious mind finds that identity too much to tolerate for social reasons.
Another possibility is projecting their own urge for self-improvement based on self-loathing. Plus vanity. Lots and lots of vanity.
If they were really into the art of it, they’d make art of it.


Instapundit linked to a brutal piece on The Death of Women’s Bodybuilding.  Even the author’s ostensible defense of female body builders is devastating:

However true that may seem on the onset, in reality, no man has the right to say that. Personal femininity is defined by each woman for herself and of herself; even if what’s staring at her in the mirror has developed a man face — five-o’clock shadow and all.

Even the seemingly gnarliest of females have an aspect of femininity. As long as she has a va-jay-jay and all X chromosomes, she could make a vintage cigar store Indian look like Cameron Diaz and somewhere in there is going to be a vestige of what makes her feel like a girl.

But the author’s greatest disgust is reserved for the men who find such women attractive:

Interestingly, there is a subculture that finds these extreme cases…

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