Satan, is that you?

Ambien (sedative-hypnotic) and “magic”…

Something fishy.

Very fishy.


The media created the cult of Tesla and “genius” Musk printing glowing fluff and treating every Musk tweet as tablets from god and ignoring the obvious problems.


Now that Musk has crapped on the media many of them are no longer licking his ass and printing the truth instead of burying it. Recent negative media on Tesla is just the beginning of the avalanche to come as the media makes up for being played for suckers by the boy “genius”.

The da Vinci of our time doesn’t paint, he’s trash.

TBH, he could paint a dollar sign with his dick and sell it for a billion bucks.

If money gets tight. Call it “stock market“.

I would like to see that.

Maybe a soft, sophisticated ball print as the signature. Yeah.

Anyway, personal fantasies aside.

Really, I’d put that in my apartment.

comment reply

Somebody ordered the mainstream media to glorify Musk. The MSM are tools, weapons in the war on Man.

“Thought leaders” then promoted Musk as Tesla reincarnate. A Genius at anything and everything.

Hype is the New economy. New politics. New religion. New culture. Hyper Hype driving us to the future.

Hype creates value in the billions in the equity markets.

Advertising creates more Value than actual Product.

Slogans over Substance.


It’s all PR.

BTW, Jerry Lee Lewis raped his 13yo cousin.

I can bring you a live photo of the fire.

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