If only there were solutions


The Victorians hanged all their criminals (age of responsibility is about 11, should be lower – see child sociopath cases) and legalized the most deadly drugs that stupid people couldn’t calculate to sample without a minor case of the deaths. It was the kindest euthanasia of idiots, totally voluntary, alas the legal drugs now aren’t potent enough.

Was it a golden age, y/n?

The gangs threaten to kill/rape the kids, start with the leaders.

Remember: if you don’t enforce the law, it doesn’t exist.

If the NHS treats you for voluntary, illegal drug use – it’s legal. The system recognized it.

A classic enforcement is deportation. Especially when guest right is violate.

We could build an Azkaban. Up in Scotland, where nobody wants to live.

Middle of the ice-cold ocean. Endless space to expand – up!

London rents and prisons shouldn’t on the taxpayer who can’t afford to live there.

They wanted to be here, they can stay here. Forever. Conditions aren’t guaranteed.

Conditions are highly conditional. I think you’ll find the setting of Porridge to be fully possible.

Prisons shouldn’t be of a higher standard than minimum wage workers.

They should also be segregated by race and religion as well as sex. For the same reason.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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