They mean Tax the White

nobody says the Jews in Hollywood or Modern Art or trading need to pay more in tax.

And those are out-n-out tax dodges.

No, it’s the white guy on minimum wage in a Costco.

Yes, that guy is oppressing you, if you’re a leech and feel entitled to take his fillings.

How about the inverse dependency ratio?

The number on welfare supported by every worker?

Find me the numbers, America.

Captain Capitalism already explained why it’s slavery.
It’s life TIME. Slaves trade their life’s time. Their finite mortality.

You need a single repatriated flat tax.

No dodging the mountains of legalese books.

Everyone pays and everyone pays the same percentage.

Assuming you wanna keep your universal suffrage?

No taxation without representation, after all…

Repatriate the income taken abroad and boom, revenue goes up.

Shame the offshore hoarders. Better yet, revoke citizenship.

If CEO is such an easy gig, why do Communists never set up their own company?

Hint: lefty red tape!

Start a petition that all Communists must pay 90% of earnings in tax to the poor of their own country.

Sign it or you’re a hypocrite.

And GPA shouldn’t exist anyway, pass or fail. Because any form of ranking is evil IQ.

Tenure is oppressive. Why is there job title hierarchy anyway?

Top CEOs work over a hundred hours a week. Most people can’t do that. On call constantly, highly stressed. I’d love a reality show where you put Marxists in a high-stress job for a month with no breaks.
They’d crack.
It reminds me of “gun control advocates” who pose in cosplay photos with Nerf guns.
And celebrities who star in action shooter films only to say they should be banned…unless their security guards have the guns.

It’s a special kind of stupid.

This could be a meme.

Racist walking.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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