Link: Tragedy of Feminism

Very balanced. Fair. Exceptions don’t change the average rules. The economy requires opportunity but never duress. Women always worked, it was just in the home and not taxed. Men are not better, it’s apples and oranges, all humans are inferior really. The pride of men who sneer at women, old-fashioned women in particular were tough as nails, tougher than they’ll ever be. The dressing-downs I’ve heard! But broflakes act like reproach is modern.

I would add that no man is an island.
As in, there is a myth of independence.
Men fell for it first with the American “self made man”.
Men were made by God and then for nine months by their mother. Respect that.
Men started thinking they didn’t need women by embracing their feminine side in the 18-19th centuries.
That’s a mistake. Admit it but don’t lean on it.
Then women copied in the 20th century and men complained?

The ancestors of these men would be appalled: sickly lazy angry drunks who hate the very families they came from.
And they insult women (especially good women and mothers, if you look)? Did women make them those things? Bloody hypoagency. America has it worst. They confuse aggression with masculinity, fools are always aggressive.
Nowadays, calling a man a gentleman and a woman a lady might be taken as an insult!
Yes, being called a manwhore or a slut are so complimentary!

A person who is single can be good e.g. Jesus, but a single, embittered atheist?
No hope.

The rush to force people to marry would end in bigger disaster, they can’t even like themselves. The dignity of modern people is near non-existent. Just look how hysterical Elon Musk is. And he’s a role model?
Holy Hell.

“Satan knows that if he can corrupt women men will follow.” Actually, false.
It was the men first, brothels since the Napoleonic war/s and in WW1. They demanded women corrupt themselves since they weren’t allowed low wage work. Now they complain there isn’t enough goodness to go around. You ate your cake, what remains is someone else’s cake and your entitlement is hideous.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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