Leftism, the new religion


Yes, typical cult behaviour, they isolate everyone the slightest bit different.

Let them do it.

They’re too dumb to get how important social connections are to success.

The Gender Studies guy isn’t going to help them much in future.

Let them wall themselves off.

  1. It frees up our time.
  2. Punishes them for life.
  3. Makes them suffer one another.

They’re eating themselves, let it happen.

Stopper the impulse to help.

If you must troll, point out it’s all about white people.

2 responses to “Leftism, the new religion

  1. Your last comment, troll: Perfect. It harasses, angers, makes them feel gross guilt, and with any luck, they’ll run out and get sterilized. But, look back to the main line of reason against them, it was handed down to them via Nazism. Tell them that and they shriek in hate. Prove it and they scream in pain. And run out to get sterilized. Well, we can always hope for the latter. Best to you!

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