Muslims are eating themselves

You wanted to move here, you’re stained with the degeneracy too.

It’s a beautiful irony.
What is a hoejabi and why is the term problematic?
The slang police are here.

Nobody say hoejabi, because it hurts feelings. Unlike Yemen-level child rape, which is obviously halal.

“but we should be selective about what we write about and how we frame things”
Huh, why don’t people trust them?
“a young girl was given an opportunity to promote Western ideas of the sexualization of the hijab”
I think the porn you produce will do that first?
The Jewish Hollywood culture will infect you. You have pure places to go but you don’t.
When you lie down with dogs…
Remember, a lot of news outlets have Saudi ownership now. We’ll see more of this.

The funny thing about how they always want to be “increasing awareness” is that you can’t control what awareness that is. People are still free to form opinions based on observation, even if expression is forbidden. As we know from Freud, suppression makes it stronger? Stereotypes are statistically, scientifically true.

Sure, raise awareness. Saves us raising funds to do it? Your women will rebel since you can’t stone them to death but given the IQ difference to Westerners who can countersignal and afford a little vice, they will probably flounder and spend decades complaining for equality of outcomes and white bailouts. You can always move home, there’s nothing to bitch about. Let’s be honest, it isn’t in the West.

Reminds me of a meme.

And in things tumblr caused
Mental illness doesn’t excuse treating people badly

Nobody said it absolved you of the responsibility to be a decent human being.

Oh, but civility is oppressive!

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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