Sincere masculinity?

I think the healer archetype is old as the hills (Matriarchal, but still) but some of you may agree with this.
He’s battle ready, he just isn’t cocky about it.
“Leave his brains”…? The line that made me question if that was a kid’s film.
Contrary to many, he’s too empathetic to be autistic (a low empathy condition by definition). He’s brimming with it like love juice. They like animals for simpler cues but animals may hate them. Because they can miss those cues. Other species have more complex cues in reality (better senses) but from a human perspective, since they cannot talk, they’re dumb. This character doesn’t fall into that.
Anyone who isn’t a beer swilling 90IQ yoohoo is called autistic in films now, especially if they’re calm in a crisis or solve problems creatively. How many autistic people do you know who never freak out about anything or think outside the box? [none, the condition is the opposite, not to mock it but describe it]

They admire it because they aren’t it. Modern people are taught to delude, to conflate identification with identity.

This numbs us to developing or questioning those learning models.

I think he’s a good role model for boys if we saw him on the expensive CGI adventures to actually get those things, like Indiana Jones with dragon eggs.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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