Scruton on nihilism

A humble, soft-spoken conversation… and Americans hate it.

No soundbites, no sneering, jeering, shouting, lying. No verbal gladiator faking for cameras.

They call him the stupid one. Wow.
Would you rather he pretend to know, spoon feed and give you useless information that sounds intelligent? AKA the Jordan method.
No, he gives you snippets neatly stitched together for you to think about and make up your own mind.
That is a compliment.

In case YT deletes this one, a favourite part;

vulgar secular perversions of (Paradise), in all of our nature to long for the compensation that… we have not had. And to think that they’ll finally be given to us, that which we’ve always wanted. But it may be that that is the only way that many people can live properly, by holding in front of themselves this ideal and trying to earn it. But of course it doesn’t stand up very easily to examination. There’s nothing vulgar or silly in wanting that. And after all, the greatest trial that all human beings have to confront is that of.. death. How to accept the fact that, you know, I will die. What is it that I’ve- how should I think of myself in order to do that? (confronting this) …It wouldn’t make it easier for … (idiots) many people… they need ‘something else’ (blithely)
The concept of consolation that we have is influenced by the Christian religion, foundation of our civilization and it’s what glows in the embers… a tragic quality, a redemptive story. The redemption of the soul through this repudiation of earthly things. …A most extraordinary idea. The ultimate symbol that there is a path… of acceptance. I’m not strong enough… Why should we accept? Well, we have to. There’s two choices. One is to go towards our end accepting it, the other is to be dragged kicking and screaming (tone of distaste) – same outcome, either way. The only thing we have to do is to achieve the serenity beforehand, which comes from willing sacrifice. I think it’s a model of rational conduct” (eye gleam, pointed stare, change of subject)

Yes, he’s a total intellectual lightweight, right?

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