Comic: Then and now

THEN, 1818, 1918

NOW, 2018

They don’t believe in equality.

They believe in virtue-signalling their superiority.

Doesn’t work.

You can endanger yourself based on gullibility but you cannot ask others to endanger themselves for your feelings of faux superiority. Motion to deport all Muslim criminal apologists to Yemen?

Islam isn’t really a religion, it’s a form of government and psyops approach to world domination and war.
MENA would be half-dead if the NGOs didn’t send them water during the droughts that they’re too lazy to produce for themselves.
The loyalty to religion comes above ALL ELSE. If their fellow Muslim needed to eat, they’d steal from the most peaceful of Sikhs. This is undeniable.

Buddhists hate them, which tells you everything. They slaughtered Buddhists.

It would be nice if there was less Christian genocide in the world too.

There will be no Reformation. Whether it dies out is a matter of time (dysgenics, low IQ children and a sense Westerners will always be around to serve them) but whether they take all other groups down with them is our choice. Leave the Muslims in MENA and let them go it alone.

Foreign aid is a vestige of the imperialism of the British Empire.

The great thing about Twitter, it’ll be very easy to round up the #traitors in a civil war.

It isn’t a war horse, it’s a horse of peace.

One response to “Comic: Then and now

  1. Not a horse of peace, but the jackass, to show the political party, US, who supports Islam. The serpent should be black. A black serpent in a grave is Satan, waiting to take the dead to Hell. Too much of Islam is the black serpent, waiting to take us all to Hell, and apostasy, to suffer God’s anger here on earth, as they do. If you know the Bible, Deut. 28:2-13 will shut up most Muslims. Just show that, then show what God allows for apostates and unbelievers (war, poverty, plagues, unrest, ect). No need to get angry. Let God do the work thru His Word. That, they will respect, and will respect you, as well. Mightr still kill you, but they’ll be respectful and maybe even cry when doing it. 😉

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