Foreskin cell injections

derived from the dermis of normal human neonatal foreskin or adult skin”
some are also fetal derived, so vain people in California are filling in their wrinkles with babies


You wonder why foreskin chopping doesn’t stop when they can sell it?

That isn’t treating (and having a foreskin isn’t a disease, nor is pregnancy), that’s reaping.

Attempted white genocide by the Dahomey

They tried rampaging through Europe and killing every white person they found in cold blood – men, innocent women and even children. Until they pissed off the French, they stopped playing nice and the Dahomey savages were wiped out with more of the modern weapons they stole from white people.

We aren’t taught this in school, the brutality etc.

Wonder why.

“swift decapitation was their trademark.”

Picture a topless African woman severing the head of a small white Victorian child.

Bad for propaganda purposes.

Plus, they were like, really black.

African men hiding behind their women, as always. It wasn’t Africans who typically fought the Whites, it was the women. Women also tended to start rebellions, including in Asia.

In the Spring of 1863, the British explorer Richard Burton arrived in the west african coastal nation of Dahomey on a mission for the British government, trying to make peace with the Dahomey people. The Dahomey were a warring nation who actively participated in the slave trade, turning it to their advantage as they captured and sold their enemies. But it was the elite ranks of Dahomey female warriors that amazed Burton.

“Such was the size of the female skeleton and the muscular development of the frame that in many cases, femininity could be detected only by the bosom.”

He’s a total perv.

Burton gave the army the nickname of “Black Sparta”.

Told ya. Either he doesn’t understand what Sparta was (a culture) or that’s the fetish talking (it’s the fetish talking).

And this is a nice picture.

“A French delegation visiting Dahomey in 1880s reported witnessing an Amazon girl of about sixteen during training.”

They misuse the term Amazon, Ancient Amazonians were European, possibly East Asian, never African.

“The records note that she took three swings of the machete before completely removing the head of a prisoner. She wiped the blood from her sword and swallowed it. Her fellow Amazons screamed in frenzied approval. It was customary in the region as warriors of the time to return home with their heads and genitals of opponents.”

“They all had slaves too.”

“Uniformed French soldiers who took Dahomey women to bed were often found dead in the morning, their throats slit open.”

I guess they weren’t all bad.
Hey, everyone has their limit.

Pathological science

“Many researchers, even hobbyists and enthusiasts, want for some one result in particular to be true. They’re always on the lookout for data that support their desired conclusion. This is not, by itself, pathological;”

actually experimenter bias is a bias

“but for some who take it to an extreme, it can become that way.”

Money, fame and tenure are on the line, what incentive?

Publish or perish threat?

Your life ruined? Family ashamed? Reputation at stake? What subconscious motive?

Many famous cases of pathological science began as legitimate science, and often the researcher would become distracted by tiny results that suggested an effect when in fact there was none. Belief supplanted objectivity, and the science became pathological science.”

While it shouldn’t be used to deter experimentation, it’s the grand reply to the phrase “established science”, an appeal to authority that doesn’t exist.


Smells like social psychology.

Islamophobia, patriarchy (as poltergeist), systemic racism (well, if it’s the system – the evolved system – it can’t be the people in the system), creationism (not that evolution is perfect), global warming by ignore cooling data over decades etc.

Anything heavily political would be pathological science e.g.

And attitude surveys aren’t science. Seriously. You see an attitude survey, you swerve.

There’s also the problem of finding one thing but claiming another e.g. woman A makes less money than man B, but failing to control for enough other factors and still have a significant gap (above chance) to claim sexism. However, there are sexist pay gaps. Why don’t they study this? Why don’t they follow the proper method? They also apply to men in female-dominant fields too! It’s political because they’d rather lie and do bad science (hurting poor women, ironically) than let men seem like the victims for five minutes!

Pseudoscience is used by self-proclaimed “skeptics” to poison the well against the competition. Team Red will say Team Blue’s work in the same field is “pseudoscience” to boost their chances of getting the finite research grants they compete over. It’s all about the money.

So you’ll find the most successful liars comprise most “celebrity scientists”, the hallmark of scientism (personality cults develop), and when their work is eventually exposed (some Freud, Kinsey not yet, Zimbardo recently) then the world is shocked because echoes don’t pass through Ivory Tower walls. The field knew. It always knew. It hid it.

There’s no such thing as pseudoscience in the sense of a forbidden topic. Distasteful yes, but so what? Do politicians dictate freedom of thought now? No, but they sign grant checks and that’s basically the same thing.

Past a certain level, isn’t commonality of a certain unPC disposition just normal?

_______ swims Left

“I genuinely want a real answer to these objections.” – neon’s last post

Well, you asked for it.

Repeated here:

“Socialism is halfway toward Communism, it’s the Marxist halfway point. National businesses are socialist and they always suck, e.g. National Rail, there’s no incentive to run them well. Then look at the NHS “death pathways” for the fruits of socialist healthcare. Socialism fails for the same reasons Communism does, because the economic basis is partial Communism. It’s the spectrum of Marxism, it limits freedom. You oppose the EPA for example but Hitler had environmental policies. You’re confusing the economic production with nationalism, which is military e.g. borders, defense, culture. Socialism is as dysgenic as Communism because it sacrifices the stronger and punishes them for being stronger, resulting in everyone equal in misery.

Your autism is causing you to miss the point. Hitler certainly worked with the Russians long enough that the leadership was dodgy whatever the truth about Der Volk. We knew about Red Army rapes but evidence would indeed be nice. Capitalism never requires usury, that’s socialistic, the cronies in crony capitalism because there’s no free exchange of any currency, inflation from fractional reserve banking is a socialist tax.

As simply as humanly possible, who wants to take resources from others, from all workers? Statists! Communists and socialists – Marxists.

Who wants to earn their resources and believe in property rights inc. meritocracy (inc. the right to fail)? Capitalists, the right wing. Socialism is just serfdom dressed up in un-Christian charity (it isn’t charity with somebody else’s money and it’s taken by force). Why should you have to pay the “Party”? For being born? Why do you owe (national) debt incurred by dead people? Everyone who lives under socialism hates it, here recently in the UK they’re making it so anyone buying energy drinks has to be over 18. Seriously, ID will be required to buy a non-alcoholic drink. That’s real socialism, with the state-sponsored “healthcare” black hole of funding, they need to become more and more of a “nanny state” taxing the middle class into poverty and the poor into death. “It’s for your own good” should make you reach for the gun, their Parliament alcohol remains taxpayer funded. Look at how shit our schools have become under socialism, your Common Core is socialist. “Cthulhu swims Left” aka Communism always starts with socialism, historically. It always starts with halfway policies boiling the frog. Tall Poppy Syndrome! A little debt (supposedly for the vulnerable, emotional appeal) is addictive. Now you have the unfunded liabilities of a Pensions Ponzi (see Greece) because they were too lazy to save, since socialism’s Santa Claus would “bail them out”. Bailouts are socialist theft. At least the Communist admits the theft.
The Vatican City isn’t the cheese, it’s the City of London for money.
Cross could be the Rosicrucians or the Knights Templar. Former also has a rose, cross and an eye symbol in a pyramid.

Guess that rings NO bells, does it?

Unions (“worker’s rights” to hold others/ the economy to ransom) are always up to something and funded from unusual channels. “The Party” protects itself while The People starve.

Champagne socialists.

Sickle/hammer is a worker’s symbol but do we know any others? Stonemasons! Again, using the prole symbols to mock them.
By killing spies in China, any war would already be lost.”

NR: “Anons… honestly… stop whining. You’re not in this until you’re intentionally offending people and willfully, even gleefully burning bridges.”

Do I get a cookie for starting so early?

How long have I been in this? Is there a pension contribution scheme?

Do we get dental?

I’m surprised so many are so weak. Did someone take their sippy cup?

Did pajama boy run out of poisoned cocoa?

Do they think these things are easy? [yes]

“Tribunals can start happening after the 1st of January, 2019.”
I said next year, nobody listens to me.
Probably a good thing, actually.

It’s gonna be a merry Christ-Mass. When everyone’s at home, with no work to do, consuming the latest news….

Post over,

nostalgiafagging ramble incoming.

I remember posting about Satanism in Hollywood a few years ago, once, a link to a blog on it, to test the waters, then a post about Catholic occultism and the reddit-tier skepticism made me laugh. Like, you wait and see, plebs.

We throw around the word “oppression” too much. Do you know your own history? I don’t. At least I can admit it. I want to know. Enough oppression constitutes a genocide, which is the most extreme war crime and cannot be prosecuted via the regular court channels. Who does Mockingbird hate?

What did their post-war world look like?

Why did I keep predicting doom? Which fruit did I dislike before Wikileaks? Why come back to blogging? Why not leave in 2016? What would I be going back to? Are nations on the List? Are religions on their List? Are races on their List? What is UN’s optimal global population? Where would it be easiest to source? What language are you told to learn if your life depended on it? Who has no space, no money and increased birth rate recently? Why? Where to spread? Enough to ring around the world. Test big news: 14GG autism as weapon, 16B,T people fight back, 18_. Reaction? All hands on deck. How did I know Q was real, with minimal circumstantial doubts?

(I haz no affiliation with Q, sadface).

2018: year of culture.

NR: “it looks like Q is suggesting this is part of a larger “impeach Trump” operation…”

Mock the mockingbird.
Cabal, get ready to crum-ble.

Best timeline TBC.

The hate comments I get on here are just so shitacular it’s actually heartening.

I don’t need to advertise. Why do I want this on public record, bitch?

I’m quietly confident future readers won’t think I’m so stupid.

Yes, I’m a total fag today, sorry.

Pituitary ponderings

Someone on neon’s site had a good question about them so here’s my reprinted answer (expanded).

They could believe it strengthens their magic “powers” too. It’s the third eye “of the soul” (think grim reaper, stealing souls) and Leonardo da Vinci believed the origin of the soul was in the brain but the papers were “lost” (note: Gates owns at least one Leonardo book).

In ancient terms, it could balance the humours because from wikipedia “Hormones secreted from the pituitary gland help in controlling growth, blood pressure, energy management, all functions of the sex organs, thyroid glands and metabolism as well as some aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, nursing, water/salt concentration at the kidneys, temperature regulation and pain relief.” Keyword energy management so hypothetically if they threw it in a placenta smoothie or a breast milkshake (more nutrients) they’d feel good? Like a youth potion.

I wonder if it relates to the raphe nuclei? “a moderate-size cluster of nuclei found in the brain stem. Their main function is to release serotonin to the rest of the brain” So you really can buy happiness? I do believe they use stem cells from abortions and miscarriages for “research”, whether they have permission or not. Could be grown. Uterine cells, for example, are constantly regenerating (immortal).

Kermit Gosnell got away with butchering Africans for years, why?

Don’t get me wrong, this would all be cutting-edge stuff and definitely require the latest in Pharma labs.

Artificial or synthetic from a lab will never be as “pure” as organic (compounds grown from stem cells in utero, fully matured over years like wine) especially if the want of it is occult in nature (symbology). Pituitary function relates to sexual awakening and all Satanism is orgy-based. Possible connection to Kundalini Rising (abuse of).
In occult or alchemical terms, the female womb is called “furnace” (symbol a circle in a rectangle)

Pictured: melting furnace.

which would appeal to the brazen bull cult of Molochians.

I did wonder why they made the slang “box” popular.

Theoretically, this could make them immortal (or longer lived and more youthful, same difference, don’t @ me).
It’s very Dorian Gray. OMNIA VANITAS.

If there’s a biological basis for spirituality and they found it, that would explain the vise-like grip of control and efforts to dumb people down with neurotoxins.

Don’t ask me how I know all this. Read more.

1929 elderly Americans

The humour, the dignity, the health.

I think TV + bad food causes modern ugliness, mostly.

Looking at these types of footage, they’re definitely poisoning your food.


Amazing! These people over 100, you can easily knock off 25 or 35 years. They look like “our” 65 and 70ish year olds. Must be the lack of processed food and simplicity of life.

Hedonism too, think who you compare them to, burned out hippy Boomers looked incredibly aged and haggard compared to the good old-fashioned self-controlled Boomers (who do exist, rarer). It can’t just be sun damage because these people did more outdoor, honest work and remember many STDs also affect appearance (just burning on the immune system, even if they’re treated and cleared getting any disease it’s a physical stressor).

nah, they just worked way harder then nowadays

very true they worked about a thousand times as hard as we do

Hard labour is good for young boys (teens) and men, helps them develop. Gyms don’t develop the body properly, especially with starvation diets. Compare a man in an outdoor job e.g. building with a gym rat of the same age and it’d be easily to tell who looks younger (the one that isn’t pushing his body to the limits, burning it out and using its full range of motion instead). Body builders are some of the most haggard people around.

I’ve noticed women who exercise like men started to look like them, and older. Much older than other girls/women their age. Drinkers too, across the sexes. Everyone knows about druggies.

It’s not just hard labor. They knew how to manage life and didn’t try to over complicate their lives. They had real values, not perfect but, real as oppose to the moral relativity of the day.

I’ve noticed real Christians have a glow of health that others don’t, including CHINOs and Churchians. A good way to spot.

The more sallow a young person is, the likelier they are to be atheist. I don’t know why. It also applies to the fake moniker “born again” cultists, the people who hide behind a cross and hope you won’t know they’re wearing sheep’s clothing. Ex-sinners are not superior to the people who were never malicious enough to do bad things, daily, for years, America. Karma is an idea you’ll also find in the Bible, you don’t get to ignore it.

Anyone who wasn’t fit and healthy was dead, today half the population is dying but kept alive through advances in medicine.


Most refreshing of all, that adds to the dignity, they aren’t dressing like teenagers or trying to act cool or younger than they are. I think those Boomers will go down in history as the clown ones nobody should emulate.

Only a person who wasted their life wants to be 21 again.

It’s easy for idiots to point and laugh at these people, but someday, we’ll all be old, if we’re lucky.