Anon on Q?

Unsure if fake. The physics is wrong.

A colour is an experience of photon reflection. Black isn’t a colour but a shade.

Similar meaning to shadow, an absence of this reflection. True black has no emitting or “bouncing” photons.

I highly doubt an Anon would get this basic fact of science wrong. And where are the gloves, brother?

If the purpose is the occlusion of forensic data, your hands are worth more than your face.

Head shape is also different. No hair? Thinner, longer skull profile.

A lot of vapid contradictions in this.

you will judge… but it isn’t human nature….

everyone can get along [citation needed]

I don’t trust this. Q warned about people pretending to be Q.

“Only Q.”

Not the same people. Old Anonymous gave up the ghost years ago.

Nephilim were giants.

One response to “Anon on Q?

  1. The “everyone can get along” line was used in that Q documentary you linked. If Q is so concerned about impersonators, and if his fans are that easily led to narratives, then they really are no different from the MSM pundits.

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