3 responses to “Cabal Energy, Inc.

  1. Translation: the Cabal that cannot be named is preventing us from achieving alternative energy sources like wind and solar and cold fusion.

    I’d like to ask this ‘family member’ doing research whether the alternative energy sources currently being pushed aren’t funded by the Cabal, either. I’d also like to ask if this individual isn’t of socialist leanings – ‘Give me free stuff because I’m entitled to it.’

    I’d also also like to ask if the family member doing the sleuthing, and the person posting it, doesn’t realizing the irony of it all: typing on a computer made from mined parts, shipped in trucks fueled by gasoline, in a lighted room, etc.

    • Americans traditionally liked to rely on themselves, wind power (and steam) was on farms before electric. Improving yield is good for homesteaders and not a hippy thing. It isn’t anti-oil, it’s that we over-rely on oil when alternatives are suppressed (including inventions) by crony capitalism which they take the energy from themselves (free or near free) and then charge us for at obscene prices as Green.

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