Horses for courses

I hate repeating myself. Allow me to connect two pieces.

“a dark god, who rode pre-humans and forced them to kill each other for its amusement.”

I’m familiar with some of these but there are many, many, many more.

And their “value” is far from nice.

14 is mislabeled, a star of Isis. Not inherently bad but… rarely good.

The six point star is Solomon and the 5 Venus.

The triangle is a pyramid. Look at a blueprint.

A scorpion only attacks once cornered. You’d have to read a lot to know that.

Compass resemblance no coincidence.


That is a compass. Used for plotting….?
“Malphas is a mighty Great President of Hell, having forty legions of demons under his command. He builds houses, high towers and strongholds, throws down the buildings of the enemies, can destroy the enemies’ desires or thoughts (and/or make them known to the conjurer) and all what they have done, gives good familiars, and can bring quickly artificers together from all places of the world. Malphas accepts willingly and kindly any sacrifice offered to him, but then he will deceive the conjurer. He is depicted as a crow that after a while or under request changes shape into a man, and speaks with a hoarse voice.”

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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