Witch or Catholic?


uncomfortable reading

100% true

Catholics don’t even worship a male deity, they worship “Mary”, either a human, ghost (necromancy) or a form of Venus.


And if you think the Witch Hunts were motivated by Christianity, of the real, Thou shalt not kill variety, you’d be wrong.
“Open hunting season was declared on women, especially herb gatherers, midwives, widows and spinsters. Women who had no man to supervise them were of course highly suspicious.”

Medicine never recovering as a subject was a coincidence.

“It has been estimated by Dr. Marija Gimbutas, professor of archaeology at the University of California, that as many as 9 million people, overwhelmingly women, were burned or hanged during the witch-craze.”

The hallucinations of Satanists or post-Christian witches (inverted Christianity, not really paganism, which predates it) are easily explained by this: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/cienciareal/cienciareal58.htm
“The gurus who developed the exercise clearly recognized its tulpa aspect as well, for the whole experience was actually a test.
If the pupil succeeded in creating a Yidam that would walk and talk with him, his teacher would tell him his studies were ended since he now had the wisest and most powerful teacher possible. But the pupil who accepted this evaluation was deemed to be a failure – and sent off to spend the rest of his life locked into a comforting hallucination.
There were, however, a few pupils who expressed doubts.”

I’ve always found Satanic hallucination stories quite adorable for this very reason.

They literally tell you to do the same shit with summoning circles, exactly the same!

All the demonology books are rip-offs of the medieval manuscript form of the Devil, which is menacing in appearance and essentially the Yidam.


The Eastern dragon resemblance is no coincidence. The Devil doesn’t have horns because of Pan. The Eastern dragon resembles a long snake. Hm, I wonder how that relates to Satan?

It’s basically an imaginary friend telling them whatever they want to hear.

The writers were competing to write the most ridiculous crap that idiots would go on to claim they saw!

They’re such wastes of space it just tells them to kill people, the narcissist’s motive!

The whole thing is an ancient troll!

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