They want a war


Bluffing. They’re weak.

Taunting. They’re stupid, they think Trump cares about looking good to them like a cuck.

The cutest part is when they think Elon Musk will fulfill his promises. Ever.

Assuming he doesn’t bail later on once the PR gimmick is over for the “greater good”.

He’s playing you, China, the EU is playing you, you just don’t know it yet.

When Musk rescinds American citizenship I’ll believe he loves you China.

They owe the world for many decades, Make them pay up.

Their prosperity was paid for by Western suffering and bloodshed in war.

The Chinaman pleads poverty while cutting your purse.

He exchanges cheap goods for your finery.

He steals your inventions and kills innovation in your economy.

Sociopaths think they are smarter than their victims. They cry out in pain as you Name the Beast.

They need a war or unfair economic exceptions.

It’s the only way to sustain their illusion of eternal growth with their population.

Their economy is already rigged (Communists).

They need the West now.

Globalization’s eternal growth utopia makes economists happy and everyone else miserable.
If you buy a factory in China and it loses money, that’s your problem. If China builds factories across its entire country for no future demand, that’s their problem.


Slay the whore of globalization (and OWG) and free the world.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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