Video: Popular Asian make-up

80% paint (the thickness, it isn’t really makeup) and 20% filters is correct.

A sense of humour about it is healthy, the women who do that constantly, they’re like Asian chavs (chavs are known for thick, tacky makeup).

This is the webtoon mentioned in the comments.

The similarity to chav makeup is pronounced.

All you need between these styles is more dark muddy colour on the brows and eyes and, instead of fake tan and bronzer, paler makeup with blush.

That’s literally it. All the face shape changing is the same: bigger eyes, thinner nose etc. except chavs naturally have some of this and accentuate it.

The details that look more European are: taping the face to look thinner and with a smoother jaw, the celebrities get liposuction there (yes, you can get lipo on the face), making the eyes larger and the overall head smaller, the whiteface makeup kinda obviously (yes, that is what it’s called) to neutralize the yellow tones, making a fake Euro nasal bridge out of medical wax (syphilitic women used to do that when their nose caved in!), celebrities can get implants for a fake nasal bridge, fake eyelids with surgical tape (that’s what it is), again, celebrities get surgery for permanent fakery, thick liner on the lid seems to increase eye height and eye prominence combined with plastic lashes, usually contacts are added, smaller mouth drawn on (like a doll, a Victorian doll, baby mouth – not sexy!!!).

It’s disturbing. I’d like to see an Asian man do this makeup.

When chavs do it, it’s bad enough.

Race-bending? Too cringe.

Why does China encourage this?

Well, taking over the world culturally requires a very specific push: making out like your women are the standard of beauty.

South Koreans usually innovate ways to achieve these deceptions first and that includes surgery.
It puts suggested videos like this into perspective.
Their skin is as real, natural and perfect as her lilac hair.

If you’ll believe that’s how she naturally looks, genetically, you’ll believe anything.

One of the top ways to spot the Asians who got White lid surgery? They look from many angles like Down’s syndrome eyes. I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m just saying it’s similar.


See?  And that’s with the makeup. Lower is bare.
Told ya so. It’s the extreme tilt and excess, oddly formed skin including beneath the eye (the eyeball size doesn’t change!). It looks unusual.

To move the upper lid and make the area loose for a new lid, skin is pulled taut from the lower to make room in the skull’s hole. This causes the lower lid to drag and stick on the still Asian, large eyeball.

Personally, I find that a creepy tell because… why do that?

It’s your SKULL.

A sign of jaw “reduction” (it involves bone saws) is the chin looks about twice the volume it should (after reduction itself) because the teeth (look at a skull) are still very developed so vertically the face is trying to be oval but the masculine jutting is still prominent. There is no cherry chin fat (uncommon European trait) or line, typical in Europeans, it’s very flat.

They moved so much, it has to be!

The eyes look too small without makeup because the jaw used to add structure.

I don’t really need to comment on that. She’s considered a famous beauty “idol”.

Note the teeth too.

So instead of oval, the face looks long. Head tilting is a tell.

Chav v. Korean makeup, all that differs is texture and colour.


I wonder who one got surgery to look like. It’s like looking at a cartoon.

One has naturally large eyes, the other tries to look like that.

Look at the central third of the face. Moving it would damage the hearing so it looks way too flat because most of its natural shape has been excavated.

When they get even more work done, they look like a blow-up doll. Same model, obvious face-on.

Again, if you believe that’s genetic beauty, I have a range of unicorns to sell you.

Lips are overtly over filled (the border sucks).

Imitating a white nose with surgery, as here, makes it look chunky and blocky like a white man because the rest of the face doesn’t conform (especially the brow bones) as it would in a natural. The nostrils are still large for breathing, usually, so they look vaguely African (finer nasal bridge). Despite high cheekbones (you can get implants or smoothing), you can’t see the same structure in the rest of the face, because it isn’t natural. It never developed from anything genetic. At least contouring is done on the whole face.

I find the sex doll look disgusting so I’m pointing it out. Uncanny Valley.

Make-up is one thing, surgery to look like a sex toy is another.

Does this apply just to makeup and filters?

Hell yes, my friend. Yes, it does.

Chav v. makeup experiment up top, finished result:

I know fake when I see it.

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