Foreskin cell injections

derived from the dermis of normal human neonatal foreskin or adult skin”
some are also fetal derived, so vain people in California are filling in their wrinkles with babies


You wonder why foreskin chopping doesn’t stop when they can sell it?

That isn’t treating (and having a foreskin isn’t a disease, nor is pregnancy), that’s reaping.

One response to “Foreskin cell injections

  1. And in China, the wealthy eat the fetus in order to prevent old age. ‘Unborn’ lamb, usually an actual lamb that was aborted, is still a big item in old-money pantries. This is why Pappy puts his heirs’ money in trust funds. Too many Joe Biden-like millionaires. Rule of 3: 1st generation makes his fortune, grows wealthy thru hard work and determination. 2nd gen works hard and adds to the fortune. 3rd gen blows it all because they were raised to believe in wealth and prestige. Of course, as with Gore’s family, which became wealthy thru ‘gifts’ from the USSR to his father, the drugs do not help, the coke parties, the flashy cars. But, damn, those cops had better not mess with Junior ever again! And in the end, Junior is awarded posthumously a Darwin Award.

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