Chinese debt 300%

Again, they want a war. They need a war. Or the People will overthrow them.
Worse than reported Japan.
Real is more than reported.

“The biggest problem isn’t the overall levels of debt, McMahon says, but the pace at which it’s been accumulated.

He says that around a decade ago, China’s debt levels were about 160 per cent of the size of its GDP.

Asiaphiles STFU.

“Now it’s somewhere between 280 and 300 per cent,” he says.

Doubled in a decade.

Commies can’t run economies.

When other countries have accumulated debt that quickly, they have “almost invariably experienced a financial crisis”, McMahon says.”

They wanted to take over the world. Instead they’ll be fighting over their neighbour’s spleen.

I’d like to see global debt by nation. Their record-keeping has been poor, so it’s much, much worse – and Communists only keep poor (especially rural) records when a famine is close.

They’re keeping Western Boomer real estate out of bankruptcy.

Where’s your fake news IQ now?

Collectivists don’t have a high IQ. Screwing the producers leaves everyone starving.

I’ll trust China’s data is honest when all whites with an HSBC account find their money has gone missing.

I tried.

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