Occult body disposal

One method.


“Towers of Silence have a flat roof”

like the Aztec flat-top pyramid

“divided into three concentric rings where the naked bodies are laid out —the outer ring is for men, the central one for females and the innermost for children.”

“What does it mean?” the characters repeat MKUltra-style in a much-plugged porn show.

Then they flash up a graphic. This made me laugh, the first time.

You’re being brainwashed.

What is this imagery of concentric circles?

“Children’s toy”, they call it.

You may not recognize the open posture of the corpse. That is a body stripped atop the Tower of Silence.

Picture HERE. They look like mummies but you can’t unsee.

“Live without limits” = Be as a God / Do what ye Will.


Ghost Nation? The White Genocide Dance.


The express purpose? Make white people disappear.

“Jack was also training to be a “weather doctor”, following in his father’s footsteps. He was known throughout Mason Valley as a gifted and blessed young leader. Preaching a message of universal love, he often presided over circle dances, which symbolized the sun‘s heavenly path across the sky.”

Westworld was such a disappointment, standard reboot attempt: edgier, sexier, random.

It would’ve made more plot sense for it to be an immersive prison from the future.

The inhabitants never want to leave because they get to do the same things that had them thrown in.

THAT would be a twist. Some people lacking conscience already want to give humanoid sex dolls to rapists. Because giving them something corpse-like and non-resistant to practice on bodes well for when they’re released.

Instead it’s r-types’ Paradise, a Pleasure Island for people too thick to get the reference, complete with robot houris like everyone’s got a secret serial rapist/murderer, waiting to burst out.

It’s Communist Utopia like Star Trek, all over again. (Post-scarcity, everyone is rich).

Instead they’re pushing the transhumanist “Death is Life, when you die you can’t die” 1984 angle.

There’s nothing transcendental about a death cult, keep your Kool-Aid to yourself.

I’ve been waiting on this one for a couple of years.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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