Memoryholed IQ science

To be completely balanced, it also explains why there are so many male accidents, suicides/criminals, low-wage workers and bachelors who can’t find any woman to marry them, any at all. There are simply more male failures (and those things are outcomes, symptoms of the cause) in the general population due to the erratic nature of their brains.

Nobody ever mentions that half of the data because the men reading it are midwits with only slightly above average intelligence. They miss the point like an autist without the excuse.

Of course, the likes of MRAs don’t believe in biology if it hurts their feefees.

Bloody equalists.

In real terms, there are far more male idiots than geniuses so looking overall doesn’t work either. To be totally practical, IQ is roughly comparable to life outcomes so being a moron is a big deal, meanwhile not being a genius (more normative) isn’t actually a problem? But even the manosphere doesn’t want to take up the victim card, even when it actually applies. They act as if all men are of equal genetic fitness and can expect equal life outcomes, a delusion.

The people who don’t get this post are the very people I was referencing.

Academia pays attention to the right extreme of the Bell Curve to wank themselves off in p-values, when actually, the purpose of IQ (Binet) was to focus on the causes of the left extreme and bring it up to average. It’s a category error, they know they’re wrong. The right extreme is too small as a population to legitimately study, especially in this time period of fewer true geniuses than before.

The midwits sometimes only understand if I include pictures so here, this is a fact they try to hide. Naturally, to uplift the sub-par into positions of responsibility would be A. dysgenic and B. anti-merit along with C. dangerous.

For the 2-4+SD, consider their extremes-based argument in light of this.

There is a vast difference but it’s difficult to say how much because (aside from the race confound) they don’t want to accumulate the data. Instead they’ll only gather the data on their own group (middle-class, usually Jewish/Atheist, middle-aged) from the right-extreme (however they manipulate the test to show this) and falsely represent it as the reference population [label: Genius] to allow them to signal with bad science. In truth, the geniuses of the world are incredibly rare (based on contribution) and passing a test does not a genius make.

Absence of evidence (because you refuse to do your job) is not evidence of absence.

No, we’re not going to “trust you”, take the data. The researchers are biased in favour of their own group and will twist the data into agreement.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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