Video: Can national debt grow forever? [America]

Counter-question: Can the national population grow forever?

Yes, that’s the truth behind mass immigration.

It’s debt per head.

Globalization = The West innovates and gives away all the developments it made to the rest of the world to use for free. Because factories?

All the QE is in the stock market, pretty much.

Pension funds, specifically.

Don’t believe me? You’ll see.

What happens when those oldies die off? Huh…?

It’s like the old medieval trick of making a castle look guarded.

The American economy is propped up by corpses.

OT Socialism kills purchasing power by banning gold-backing. Old people living off the lifeblood of the infertile young (pensions are the socialist wet dream, the impossible dream*). They wanted minimum wage and other red tape but they also want cheap stuff.

Global debt cannot be paid off by the current global population.

We’re heading for a correction of population after economy. The financial flood, where anyone living above their IQ means will be wiped out. This includes people struggling in the West because they made the worst financial decision – they had kids they couldn’t afford.

This is the easiest world to live in, ever. If you struggle now…

This is also what happens when you feed the bears, or in this case, the people having kids with no maternal/paternal instinct to actually care for them = famine. In China under Mao, parents ate their children. In living memory.

*It’s impossible to spend more than half your life not working (I know these people), have a higher standard of living (college is not the welfare party, pensions are) and not ruin the country. Children are the original pension, if you don’t have them, nobody else’s kid owes you shit. (Although we should stop the bachelor tax for schools – a service they don’t use, that’s discrimination, parent doesn’t count as a minority group because they choose it).

The crook landlords will want a bailout, I guarantee it.

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