Internet censorship

The Guardian’s been very quiet on this because they think it will help them. On the bright side, people won’t want to share these lefty paper links either. It’s like how killing comment boxes has made readership suffer. If you cannot share a link and engage that way, you’ll avoid that platform. They think this will only be applied to The Enemy.

No, to the anti-liberal Merkelapo, “liberals” are the enemy first.

Everyone’s a journalist now, so no, we won’t pay for your trendy opinions.

PC sermons will die because of this. It’s an Old Media KO.

Gen Y and Z value personal opinion at $0. As proof, this site may be shit, but it’s free shit.

Sometimes quite priceless shit.

The Remainers have shut up about Brexit now because “the EU isn’t tyrannical, you bigot!” won’t work!

Freedom of “movement” or speech, it seems we have to pick.

AS far as nationalism, think Streisand effect, not spiral of silence.

That’s what they’re hoping, look it up.

Saying someone can’t be patriotic in their own homeland will just out you as a traitor.

The Nick Clegg Effect? He has yet to move to Brussels.

Supranationalism is a death sentence.

They rule us without military action.

We lost a war. Or two.

They have no power… except they own “our” leaders. All of them.

They’re actually trying to ban your sense of humour. You can’t laugh at them.

Blasphemy! Political blasphemy!

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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