Biochemical sin eaters

The blood represents life, and so sacred is life before God that the blood of animals was used in all offerings for sin as man’s vicarious substitute (atonement) under the Mosaic (Old Testament) law.

And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood there is no remission. Hebrews 9:22

Only as atonement is linked with death, the shedding of blood, and not life set free, would it appear to become efficacious in the covering of human sin.

It’s a sacrifice, yes, living ones exist in Satanism.

Clears karma.

A Satanist told me.

They differ on exactly how.

How about you pay those student loan debts in literal blood, children?

And it won’t remain voluntary (or paid) as long as the socialists have their say, that’s a cover.

“For the greater good” they can take your very youth juice. Finite, it is finite supply and that fact is covered up. It would also impact the health of the “donor’s” germline, aka offspring. You have been warned. It’s worse than genetic tampering. Why don’t their own kids “donate”?

“Between consenting adults” covers their ass on many immoral things.

They already steal (and sell) placental stem cells and cord blood (they deprive of the newborn baby by clamping immediately). They already eat children, they could grow this stuff in a lab and refuse.

God doesn’t want human sacrifices, Satan does.

These people are SICK.

What, did you think those college blood drives actually go to sick kids or something?


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