So Jews really aren’t white?

They’re pissed off at genetics. Are they going to buy me a straightener?

I think they’re confusing Europeans with Asians, which is the worst part.

Asians don’t have curly hair. But they say white people.

Okay, ban hair styling treatments as a kinda cosmetic racism? Nah, they wouldn’t. They don’t have the ladyballs.

Shape and hair growth are genetic. And RACIAL, yes.

You’re appropriating long hair with your weaves?

And what’s with the red dye? That’s racist against the Irish.

Contact lenses? What’s wrong with looking black and having dark brown eyes?
You seem to have internalized racism, bitches.

See, it’s worth pushing this point because cultural heritage triggers them.

Freedom of appearance is part of freedom of association.

Think how circumcision is “justified” for Christian Americans, aka it might make Jews feel left out, no freedom of choice!

And differences in appearance allow you to make informed choices about who to associate with. It’s critical information. Personally, I avoid forearm tattoos, there’s always some abuse background there.

First they ridiculed looking white, then acting white…

Believe me, I know. This is how they eventually boiled the frog until they could steal a MAGA hat because suddenly they can dictate your racial appearance.

It’s like biting into a fruit, to get at the seeds, they must start with the skin (appearance), then attack the flesh (personality, behaviours) and then finally they can outright attack the seed (whiteness).

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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