When are we revoking his suffrage?

It was universal, remember.

The trolls who want to divide the right and say women this, women that on no grounds go curiously silent on cases like this. There’s data to support what I’m saying.

You can’t claim (factor) unless you also control related factors.

It would be akin to the deception of measuring energy levels but not controlling for caffeine intake and it’s bad science.

In this case, demographic factors: it’s gender, race and age.

Those are salient here. They have a large effect size on the final result (voting choice).


Gender, controlled for race (self report):

In voting as in biology, race is a bigger factor in voting behaviour than sex.
None of the trolls (shills) mention this because they don’t actually know the HBD and/or they want white people divided by lying to you.

Voting behaviour by race, the one chart you NEED:

That Other includes the mixed-race children of White Trump supporters.

They know this factor is most important, they have studied specifically this fact.


Meaning I had to tell you. November might rest on whether the right is dumb enough to spread their lies and put off their patriotic allies as a lost cause.
And I think the white female data is grossly distorted down because… CNN.

Reconcile, self-report to the CNN shit you’re blindly believing.

52% Trump, 43% Clinton self-report.
54% Clinton, 42% Trump, CNN et al.

They’ve flipped it in favour of… Clinton, and you believe that fake news?

Why can’t you question this online? Why isn’t posting fake poll data illegal?

Unless you take the shill’s line that white women should be held responsible (and banned from voting, convenient for Cabal!) for the voting patterns of non-white women?

If you’re bringing in restrictions on anything, gender is smallest factor.
Age is a bigger factor.

Logically, the limit should then be 40+. If you mean it.

As you can see, being white is the biggest Trump factor, being older/more experienced and then the tiniest edge within the male group within chance levels (the no answers have it). And that’s given the low, low probability CNN+ hasn’t just fudged the data.

They lie to women because, frankly, a lot of us are like lemmings and will vote however they (Americans) are TOLD other women are voting. The shills are lying about that, it’s disinfo, don’t empower their voting lies, the habits the Dems push aren’t true.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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