Inter-racial domestic abuse

“This study, using a nationally representative sample, investigated intimate partner violence (IPV) in interracial and monoracial relationships. Regression analyses indicated that interracial couples demonstrated a higher level of mutual IPV than monoracial White couples but a level similar to monoracial Black couples. There were significant gender differences in IPV, with women reporting lower levels of victimization than men. Regarding relationship status, cohabiting couples demonstrated the highest levels of IPV, and dating couples reported the lowest levels. Regarding interactions among couple racial composition, relationship status, and respondents’ gender, an interaction between racial composition and relationship status was found. Implications for practitioners and directions for future research are discussed.”

Still need more studies.

While I’m here

Racial bias in family courts

Inter-racial marriage choice

Inter-racial marriage satisfaction

What a shame it’s hidden from you behind a paywall, voter who funded it.
If only academia had its own pirate bay (it does). If you looked.

Or ask someone with student access or e.g.

I remember reading this stuff then forget and mention it offhand years later and from time to time cuckbros will ask where’s the data assuming I make it up like them and it’s like, dude, just look! This stuff is studied, just not in enough detail for my nerd rage.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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