Eeeerr… America…..

The Government purchased all the bullets, including taking those out of self-defense mainstream circulation.

The FEMA coffins are still poised for use.

And they haven’t bought any food.
(Yes, Trump said to buy emergency food in an Order but most everyone ignored it and that’s only a few days’ worth).

Add this up. (Reconcile)

They bought bullets, coffins and no food for their population.
How is that not a genocide plan and why is America still exporting much of the food it should be storing?

Nukes are used on foreign nations, bullets can only be used on…. you.

Whatever happens with that Q thing, if I were a Yank, I’d be moderately concerned.

Note: you can tell they’re not just coffins but coffins for Americans based on how they’re double-wide for the obese corpses. Small snigger once you see it.

One response to “Eeeerr… America…..

  1. I can drive to at least 10 places within 2 miles and can buy all the bullets I can want. Not that I need more. Any thinking American (like me) could easily open my pantry and other food stores and show you that this family can make it at least three months.

    I have been very consistent with my warnings about Trump. I insist he is the Hammer the jews will use to bring it down.

    But the Drumpfter contingent is so invested in this jew bag that they will die in their hero worship.

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