Video: Civilization so white

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But is it white enough for Sargon? That’s what I wanna know.

Noblesse oblige was the beginnings of liberalism, of course, so this shall be interesting to follow. Much like a psychopath, these r-select people can and often do view virtue and decency and kindness as a weakness. Well… if they insist. White people appear to have two sides throughout history and they don’t really want to see the other one, that bombed Japan without blinking before breakfast.

One face is the white saviour complex, yes, the other is the heartless conqueror and genes don’t die. It reminds me of The Lion, you can only push so many times. But they know this. There’s plenty of online material available to profile the “Right” as they see anyone to the right of themselves.

The writing is on the wall. They are coming after you and it is about your whiteness whether you like it or not.

As previously covered, they came after the jokes and the plum jobs then the cultured mannerisms and clothing and now just breathing or looking at someone funny, like any escalation of dehumanization to genocide, a complex ongoing process as anyone who reads a history book shall know. They’re acting like non-whites are predators and whites should be on their guard, only to punish when there’s any distinction in behaviour – and also when there isn’t.

You cannot win. This is intended to make you frustrated, and stupid.

These people are crazy makers, they’re watching your reaction and feeding from it.

The way to dumb down a lot of white people would be to attack their whiteness and let personal (not racial) pride take over. They are shit-stirring, this is their trolling. You’re weaker as an individual and they know narcissism of small differences prevents any kind of union on a values basis. White people have the highest percentage of contrarians as individualists and then you’ve got the guys who hate women and so on until there’s nobody left in a purity spiral of values. Already with those two filters we eliminated most people.

Naturally, I see through this facade. It’s a goad. They really want a thousand Charlottesvilles to spring up, an excuse to empower Antifa.

An excuse to censor political debate and ban certain topics in science.

They want an excuse.

It’s like the SJWs addicted to the thrill of outrage, and rage it is.

Name the beast.

It is well known those with anger management problems begin dramatics (personal, one on one “beef”) and find problems as an excuse to vent. It isn’t just throwing punches, it can be verbal torrents of personal and oddly specific abuse that surely has nothing to do with the individual recipient, who they cannot know e.g. the “MGTOWs” who go onto female-only websites and call everyone a cunt like a teenager furiously masturbating into a sock.

The first safe space was called a gentleman’s club by the way, so get over yourself. Most men were banned too.

It’s a very modern problem, this loaded cannon problem, because the police don’t really pursue slander laws anymore, there’s little honour in our culture to compel this.

What would AC say? Well, if we assume these people score even higher on narcissism than their generational cohorts (science speak for demographic group) then logically, they’d be outraged by whatever was happening just before the outburst drawing attention. What could that be?


Everyone by now should know at this point there is nothing a narcissist bitterly resents than another person’s happiness. The more different from themselves this person, the more virulent and scathing the fury.

A better Q:

Why are happy white people making them angry?

It’s simple. They (non-whites) were told they’d won, the future of the white nations belonged to themselves and that white people were under their boot and miserable. Then they see Blitz spirit and white people making do because, hey, that’s how civilizations are built in the first place. We endure.

They cannot admit this is better than what they can do. They cannot create, only destroy (narcissists). They thought pushing white flight into an increasingly small plot and making various laws against us would make integration and domination easy. Conquest is not a simple, one-time thing. They must win on culture and they don’t have one. They reject the concept of a strong culture altogether. Multiculturalism is by definition no-culture. This condition dies in nature.

They can’t make something of nothing.

They can’t impose the ban hammer on natural law.

What to do?

Blame whitey.

You were too mean and too nice and too mean in being nice and too nice in being mean. Typical Marxist linguistic weasel words. Now the money is only starting to appear to run out and they’re bricking it (shitting themselves, Americans) because wait, they’re in the positions of power now and have no competence at what they’re supposed to be doing. There is no old white buzzard at the top that can act like Grandaddy Moneybags paying the grasshopper for a sad song of victimhood.

They’ve won, this is it. They’re still losers.

They imposed various fatal conditions on the finite space of society and now they’re King of that space, as it dies.

These people are idiots.

Shrewd in places, but still low IQ.

The populace is not united, it is grubbing for any power for its own survival of its niche group.

The IQ or generic competence is dropping and the only people who maintained the system are dying off.

They can’t blame Nazis so they see them everywhere.

They can’t keep playing the Pied Piper song of equality as the hurricane of reality rages around their ears. Class is coming back, stronger and distinctly racial.

They’re trapped and realizing they put themselves there.

They want to weaponize one side of white people (they’re racist) by threatening their happiness (at just having white friends, for example) and turn them against the remaining “good” (more stupid) ones who don’t pay much attention beyond their own navel and assume everyone will leave them be.

“Let’s you and him fight” Triangulation.

Tactically they need a lifeboat for their ideology.
To say, “see, we were right all along, you still need us!”
They can’t turn anything around though, they can barely keep a spouse, let alone happy.
People with power fantasies and no common sense.
The worm will turn but don’t let these bastards do it.

I see what you’re doing, bitches.

Don’t assume all these people are stupid.

Don’t assume they are always sincere.

I’ve met them. They are insincere about everything.

It’s about money and domination.

Study r/K and this is obvious.

Do not fall for it.

What to do?

Tell others what they’re doing, feeding the trolls (take credit for spotting if you want, IDGAF) and focus on embracing your culture. Be happy. Be visibly happy about it. Don’t back down, don’t respond, don’t apologize.. Don’t let their bait trick you. If you do pick something up as a topic, don’t feed it back to them, discuss it amongst yourselves, lock them out. Isolate and starve the parasite.

This is what Sargon is doing, by stepping away from the news cycle.

The Britisher is replacing the weekly coverage and honestly, he’s better at it.

Why do they attention seek? To waste time, first of all.

It’s to make you focus on them, feed them and make them relevant.

Their ideas are wrong and all the evidence proves it. Decades, centuries of evidence.

Emperor has no clothes.

Why focus on broken bullshit?

If none of this had happened, what would we be doing instead? Do some of that, some of the time.

I said they’d be starting on culture this year.

Next year spoiler, the nukular family, especially problematic Christian children.

What should Woes have done?

Laugh, parody video of civil whites wearing top hats and ignore the claim thereafter.

He’s taking a clown seriously. This means they win. Diffuse the tension with laughter.

If you dunno why, the article Why mockery? explains.

White civility such an issue?


1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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