Triggered degenerate Boomers

Not to be confused with salt of the earth Boomers I hardly ever need to discuss, who aren’t hypocrites and expected their kids to listen when they gave sound health advice.

Normally when you see this line.

What’s wrong with young people today?

The next sentence better be fucking good.

The Groaniad today continues:

They don’t get drunk any more

It’s a new low in moral decay that the elders are trying desperately to corrupt their children.
Alcohol is ridiculous (social media rep), expensive, a stupid (not glamorous) legal dark grey area and an addictive distraction from the important business of networking (which we wouldn’t have to do if you didn’t import competition and switch to offshore training).
We’re told to “protect ourselves”, cannot own a gun or knife or spray in public and given the most common date rape drug is alcohol, why bother?

[see end for that topic]

Nobody wants to be blamed for their own rape or other abuse, especially in this multicultural Hell of rape gangs expressly targeting the white (what hate crime?) and drunk (predators love legal nitpicking). Clubs are losing popularity because women hate hunting grounds. Clubs exist for men and the lowest kind. Pubs more popular than ever, for comparison. Low odds of rape, groping, grinding and (especially Third World) harassment there. Naturally, the club creeps use alcohol as their excuse too. Scientifically false, drunk people can behave impeccably, as you’ll notice the second the police turn up. Other sedatives are not a free pass on assault either.
“We have made people’s memory worse by telling them that they were intoxicated even though they had nothing stronger than plain flat tonic water with limes,” said co-researcher Maryanne Garry.
So an intake of so-called moderate alcohol wouldn’t be wise either, before someone chimes in.

Think of it as a precautionary legal defense from rapists who take advantage of slow law changes (no major interventions since Queen Victoria’s reign, and on gin) and the crawling consideration of the latest neuroscience. Sugar isn’t cocaine and alcohol doesn’t turn a law-abiding citizen into a rabid rapist, men are not naturally rapists. Nor does it bring that out as an animal instinct, society conditions excuses. You can’t take from a bank drunk and say Muh It Doesn’t Count as robbery, neither can you “take” a human being in rape and victim-blame for the “hate crime” of being white and attractive (note: imagine the pedophiles and other dedicated rapists in response* to that). This is why we need studies, psychology is not common sense. They don’t dare mention where alcohol is consumed (privately, at home) and why (visibly valid concerns about public safety relating to the new low trust society).

It isn’t about women trusting strange men (and why the hell should they? when has that ever been intelligent historically?? and do they trust their fellow random men either?*) it’s that throughout society, there is no trust. Again, why should there be? Burden of Proof. So much rape and abuse isn’t recorded or reported due to political fears of revenge that there are active reasons to distrust, fuck your snowflake feelings on the subject. Why do these broflakes feel entitled to trust they didn’t earn? Normal people (i.e. not manwhores) have lower openness scores. It’s like the funniest red handed moment “how dare you notice I only want one thing and am willing to take it unwillingly, I wanted to rape you if I could get away with it but you hurt my narc feelings, I demand satisfaction”.

Unless you’d prefer women be armed? That would be better.

Predators believe only they are real – their urges, rights etc.
The prey isn’t allowed to plan, complain or have equal HUMAN rights.

*Rapists are as real and sneaky as serial killers, simply different types of predator.

**I bet they don’t let male salesmen into their house, the paranoid sexist pigs. Straight men in gay bars don’t dare get drunk, I rest my case.

Etiquette needs to return, no talking to strangers is basic.

Teen films are fiction, there’s a crime about every five minutes, it’s normalized. Forcing someone to consume alcohol, by coercion or “slipping” covertly, aside from being illegal (directly responsible) if they have any medical issues from it you didn’t know, is poisoning. Then there are the various chemicals in alcohol that are well-known as rape drugs specifically e.g. GHB in wine. Then there’s finally on this point how women are weakened more by alcohol than men so any arguments to “she was with it” ring false from simple sex differences and accurate biology (no woman can handle alcohol, none, it’s a Hollywood myth based on the 30s vamp who’d take one single shot of a hard liquor and stop there).

Why don’t the would-be (totally not definitely never) rapists want people to defend themselves in their company by remaining of lucid consciousness? If they’re so concerned with “false” allegations? Makes you think.

Surely you’d want all women in the club not drinking so when they consent to you, it’s legally kosher. Unless of course, you’re “taking advantage”, and want them insensible, the politest term for rape we have.

And if you only sleep with brain-impaired strangers, don’t you expect allegations?
Why can’t you get your “fun” from sober people?

They try to blame the victim a sneakier way (planning legal defense months before the act itself isn’t odd?) by asking a false dichotomy and presenting a cliche anecdote that acts like the sexes are biologically the same, namely, what if they’re both drunk? The one who physically initiates is the rapist, obviously. Actus reus, look it up, idiots.

They think they’ve got an AHA! moment on the “both drunk” condition but it’s the simpleton logic of pointing to a car pileup after an accident and claiming all of the cars in question caused it. Non sequitur much?

And define drunk? Given sex differences, you’re still stupid.

Back to booze
Alcohol causes permanent DNA damage and while older people may not care, we’re clued-up enough on science to care an awful lot. It may even pass down the germline (epigenetics).
Well, since we’ll be working our entire lives (retirement is a temporary fad) then staying working fit is imperative.
“It concerns me how much people over a certain age brag about their alcohol intake like they don’t have a problem.”
Yes, agree, let’s all aspire to be like the alcoholic divorcees!
Definitely not addictive, is it? They can give up any time they like.
They wanted clean living kids, they got them. If they’re so triggered by the fact their children are literally better than them, their narcissism is not our problem.
Opposing the degeneracy when we see the Bacchanalian wages of it, how absolutely awful of us.

You’re not James Bond, we can now get those martini ingredients in the average Tesco…. Express.
We don’t want to be a burden on the State if we can possibly help it (we know about elder abuse) and neither should they?

It does count, and anyone who says otherwise is a willing mark in a game of Spot the Rapist. It’s a chemical that impairs the brain from threat recognition and literally weakens the physical ability to resist (fend off). It’s also most common in male rape, regardless of victim age. The law requires adjustments.

One response to “Triggered degenerate Boomers

  1. “Unless you’d prefer women be armed? That would be better.”

    A lot of this boils down to a lack of awareness on every bodies part. Slaves or someone who lets another do all the thinking does not have a use for awareness so they let the ‘Master’ do all the thinking/protection. Its a good system unless a person wants to be free to make their own choices, in which case, ‘free will’ has a terrible responsibility attached.

    If one doesn’t like the Master/Slave relationship, there is another to consider that is less psychologically damaging. Operations(Assault)/Support. When a military goes to war “over there” they do not use 100% of their personnel to attack, in fact usually the best are sent over as a reward for their ability, but Support is just as important as the overall campaign/operations. While the operation is outside of the wire, the enemy will attack the base knowing that destroying Support is not only a good way to stop reinforcements, but its a psychological tactic. Not everyone is good at assaults, and not everyone is good at support, so a partnership/balance is reached so the overall operation will be a success (if the media at home has its own motives for Chaos, then they should be considered an enemy combatant undermining the support of the invading nation.)

    Back to awareness, if women want more rights(freedom?) that is fine, but they have to realize that no rights are guaranteed and they must be continually fought for, as existential and actual forces are trying to undermine freedom so their (political or bronze age) party can be the ones in control and calling all the shots. Everyone should be aware of their surroundings and not be alone in large group settings because the criminal class is always looking for the weakest link. Western Media is telling men not to protect women any more, because “women are strong and don’t need to man” or Hollywoods new mantra “The Future is Female” whatever that means. Hollywood\CIA has been the cultural pushers of the “West” for over 100 years, and all that agency has ever been capable of is promoting degeneracy for the sake of mindless consumption. Women pay the price more then men, because the “media” runs on emotion, and women by in large do not like logic. They benefit from it, as everyone does, but logic has a price. Everything has a price.

    As an American I despise Hollywood and I cannot wait until that entire city is in flames and the (Zionist) Interlopers are either held accountable for their crimes of manipulating humanity for their own twisted goals (Judy Garland, Heather O’Rourke, Casting Couch, et al), and now Hollywood is afraid of being exposed so they are using Israeli Intelligence\Black Cube to destroy negativity on the internet and silence anyone who tries to expose the real criminals.

    Celebrities (America doesn’t have Actors anymore, they are just faces with controlled bank accounts that read lines) and Musicians are just puppets who are told what to say and how to say it, in an effort to push agendas (how prevelant is Witchcraft in Hollyweird and why?). Whats the saying, Hollywood promotes democrats but votes Republican? They know the GoP will allow people to keep their wealth, and Democrats are pushing for socialism which IS theft. (Taxation isn’t theft unless there exists accountability\transparency see the State of Israel).

    Alcohol\Weed isn’t the issue, its people not being able to have their own opinions\voice\awareness. So what happens is that in trying to get rid of that tiny voice inside they need more and more stuff to block it out. Why think when Hollywood tells people what is right and wrong, based entirely on feelings and not evidence. Hollywoods lawyers are creepy and disgusting, immoral and unethical yet they get on the twatter and shit all over the public because they want “exposure”. There is no such thing as bad publicity? Even criminals get books/movies/tv deals.

    I used to not like alcohol, because I had bad self control because I wasn’t happy with who I was. I hate writing on weed, and I don’t like getting high anymore. I like writing, a lot. I am working on a movie script that will never get near Hollywood, and I found its best to be at a tap house, drink 2 beers over 2-3 hours, get a delicious corned beef sandwich, and then write. I accidentally had a third beer with a friend as I pushed our writing session a little longer, but now I realize, just say no to getting drunk or consuming to excess.

    Essays don’t need alcohol or weed, just a subject to pontificate on. Writing scripts\dialogue is a little different because I do not have the luxury of being verbose, and because it takes more creativity to create situations where I have to control every single moment. Thankfully in writing scripts I don’t have to work too hard on my other writers dialogue as they are MUCH funnier than me, so my character can be the straight man. I hate acting with a passion because I do not like getting into “character”, its easy to lose oneself and never return.

    I like being Ahavat Olam, but that is because I am the target of Zionist propaganda and 16 years ago, something placed a burning desire to fall in love with a particular Israeli woman. Now that I am older and an American, I do not recognize the State of Israel as its own entity, its a US territory that has no accountability, it was founded on lies\deception, funded\fueled entirely by propaganda, and worst of all there was no consent of vote from the American people if they wanted to create a state of endless war(s), also Torah was completely ignored when the idea of that “state” was conceived.

    If only people were honest about their goals and aspirations, but they aren’t. They rule from the shadows, these forces of Chaos, advocating for multigenders (there is no logic) and open borders (legal immigrants do not like illegal immigrants because they reward bad governments and because political parties turn them into fodder dehumanizing them and erasing history).

    Hollywood does not promote Understanding. Everything that is put “on screen” is carefully chosen for a reason. The idea is push an agenda.

    Right now the Agenda is that black people and women are too stupid to make their own decisions, so they need commercials\products\celebrities to tell them what to do and not to be accountable for there transgressions. Only white people and nazis are the only people to be held accountable for crimes of everyone.

    The rap music industry reinforced negative stereotypes and helped the CIA wage war on the lower classes creating an endless cycle of prison inmates for the broken pay to play legal system. Maxine Waters is uber corrupt and advocates violence and she barely form coherent sentences. Barack Obama pandered to Black People and is not interloping in politics, while Chicago is rife with black on black violence. Supposedly the Obamas were community organizers, but it seems the only thing black people hate more than another race is each other.

    I feel sorry for smart black people. They try so hard to free themselves from the “Nigga” culture of negativity, only to be told by the media and other black people that diction\intelligence\education is “evil” by their own cultural standards. Black people are told by the Zionists that the white man is bringing them down and they are incapable of choosing their own destiny.

    There is a reason why we all can’t just get along. It’s because Hollywood\CIA profit entirely from Chaos and Hatred.

    Keep up the good work, I usually read your blogs through thunderbird, I don’t see the pictures, but then again I like reading. Don’t stop… the thinkin’.. if I was wittier I would have come up with a funnier ending. 😀

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