Jordan the Janus

“This guy is playing the game to try and become a pied piper on the right, while pushing us left to get media mentions and Cabal support:”


Greetings, fellow nationalists. Don’t focus on the world, avoid it.

I tried counting once how many people he ripped off in his talks and lost count.

I knew he was fake when he refused to debate Millennial Woes, who was prepared to pay his fee. Avoided like a scared little coward. Woes is a sweetheart but logical, difficult to trick. Who’s scared of an ex-art major? Jordan Peterson.

He mostly rips off basic bitch self improvement guru shit too. Men are prime targets because they don’t habitually read that shit like women and think it’s original. The Secret was based off a 20s leaflet.

“Now he tries to mitigate the damage. But he still got it out there like he meant it at a critical moment. And he defended the idea as plausible afterward. And now he is setting himself up as a thought-experimenter, who can never be held responsible for any future tweet that supports evil at critical moments, because it was just part of his process. Iā€™d love to see a real time graph of his books sales, and see if there was a sudden spike of bulk sales right after that tweet.

Like Roosh’s rape fantasy, where, despite world press, nobody brought up pedophilia.

Funny that.

If you take him at his word, then every tweet he gives should be ignored.


Now everything he says is not his opinion, or even correct. Every tweet is basically just him talking out of his ass randomly and spouting whatever pops into his head at that moment.

College professor.

If you want that, there is no shortage of people you could follow on twitter who will provide it, and many will be funnier and more entertaining than Peterson…..”

He’s the standard Boomer cuck. They’ll mock SJWs on meds and liberal arts majors but not him.
Clean your room? What’s next, do the dishes? Are American men Cinderella?

Look up Charlton, Scruton, Haidt. Men without moving goalposts.

Final jab

“Even his premise ā€“ Kavanaugh was horribly slandered, but the people who oppose him, and slandered him, should have their wishes considered ā€“ is totally ridiculous. This is a great thinker?”

It’s ironic considering how many of his followers are shit-scared of rape accusations.

“False” accusations, Kavanaugh’s arse. And if they’re so scared, sleep with sober people? Don’t sleep with people who hate you? Be less of a whore? It’s only really a false accusation if you never slept with them, otherwise a question of consent.

Kinda like standing in a bank on the CCTV while it’s being robbed and being triggered that you’re a suspect.

Admitting half the deed casts valid legal suspicion. That’s exactly what rapists do.

It’s funny because men make various sexual slanders about sleeping with women they didn’t but they don’t care about lies and life ruin then. Sex is serious, slanders about it too. If you can’t handle that, avoid the opposite sex.

When guys lie about sleeping with a woman when they didn’t, that’s a joke. What reputation? When women lie about sleeping with a man they didn’t, it’s serious. Their life might be ruined by a rumour.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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