Bathe in these vegan tears

23 minutes of high caliber bullshit.

It’s the current year! We’re past evolution, aren’t we?

Why am I posting this? I’m a bitch, that’s why.

I dislike when idiots call everyone who notices their idiocy, the real idiots.

I would say drink every time she says something vapid but even James Bond might struggle on this one.

It’s like the Christians at gay pride who think they’ll make a difference.

OMG how dare people have a different lifestyle to me!

Yes. People are allowed but you know the mileage may vary on their results. What’s the problem? Do you really care if Pablo goes to Hell? If you don’t wanna fund their drugs and STD shots, that’s one thing but what are you gonna do, stopper their anus with a cork?

And is this really about the cute and fluffy animals?

When do we put down all zoo and nature preserve predators because they (gasp!) eat meat.

Carnist is a terrible insult, it sounds like a compliment.

You fed on your mother in the womb, biology is weird.

Various chemical supplements can only be derived from animal products, not that it’ll be on the label because the product itself is ‘pure’, this is like Puritan eating. Pest control kills tons of fluffy things because they compete for vegetables and vegans, unlike vegetarians, have tons of gastro issues because their gut lining is ruined.

Where’s the long term study? I haven’t seen a good one. You can’t just claim muh veganism without proof and it’s such a high sugar (and fructose!) diet that it theoretically sounds awful for you.

People who took Disney films a little too seriously as a kid and think they’re all equivalent intelligence to humans. Even humans aren’t equivalent to humans, QED.

What’s the cost in oil to produce various vegan products? Or do they assume production works on fairy farts? They’re heavily processed still.

They don’t wanna fund lab meat, they want to deprive others, typical narc logic.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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