Guardian: Our Boomer PC Scientism Shrink still edgy

Update: he’s now in GQ. It’s settled.

Oh, don’t you feel the mindless impulse to defend him?

And buy his book?

It was helpfully mentioned in the FIRST LINE.

They also reviewed his book in January.

Totally not in response to Vox Day pointing out his moral relativism and shifting goalposts.

Definitely not.

No update mentioning it either.

It doesn’t mention Vox Day ONCE but trust us, that’s a (((coincidence)))….

He’s Canadian, for crying out loud!

(Yes it’s from February but Vox addressed those topics years before).

Controlled opposition within the vaguely slightly toe-dipping ‘right’ is a conspiracy theory.

This man is dangerous, don’t buy his book now instead of seeking other resources on similar topics! – The Guardian

Reverse Psychology does work. How would a shrink ever manipulate anybody? Especially vulnerable men without a father figure.

Every week now, a headline. Giving him a large platform.

Jordan is edgy
Jordan is cool with kids
Jordan is popular
Jordan is dangerous 

MSM, stop. Stop trying to make Edgy Boomer Stepdad happen.

Why no focus on anyone else?

Hey kids, ignore your poverty, let’s talk about how you’re literally like a Holocaust death camp guard!

Doesn’t anyone else find it suspicious he “stood up” (allegedly) to the Canadian government and isn’t in jail?

Multiculturalism is your strength!

Globalization is good for your country and patriotism bad!

Needing psychiatric medication is normal!

Don’t read the Bible and form your own opinions, I don’t trust you, here’s a lecture series of my highly edited opinion of the Bible and what it REALLY means!

You can be an intellectual by watching Youtube videos!

Yes I charge people thousands of dollars to see them in person, so what?

Why can’t men afford to move out and marry? Clean your room, bucko!

Men and women exist but differences in occupational opportunity don’t!

Unlike any other demographic group.

But women and men have different brains. Except they should both have the exact same life plan according to me. Except men shouldn’t marry because you can’t trust women but I’m not a misogynist and women should marry non-existent men who want to and make babies with them by magic.

There is nothing and everything wrong with bachelors.

I’m never ambiguous, I’m profound and tough and it’s always too complicated to fully explain and depends. Just. Depends.

Pictured: Jordan Piperson, his smile reminds me of Obama.

Women shouldn’t rely on men, that’s lazy but should instead fall back on their gender role of being entirely dependent on men.

The welfare state benefits women, as long as you count childcare and STD clinics as solely existing for the benefit of women.

White men don’t need to have kids to be complete but white women need to have kids (with someone else) to be complete.

The Sexual Revolution was good but sluts are bad.

Shame is good unless it’s directed at ANY men, men are innocent little snowflakes but I read the facts, I look at all the statistics including violence, abuse and rape.

Men need to be responsible but never held responsible by the women in their life, that’s too far.

Men can’t be expected to act as masculine as their grandfathers and just get on with it, we’re breaking new ground here. This has never been suggested by anyone in my position for the past century. We need new, easier standards for masculinity. All inclusive standards.

Don’t read Jung, listen to me name-drop him a bajillion times but never bring up “Jewish Psychology”, his criticism of Freud as expecting everyone in the world to think like a Jewish man.

I definitely know that Nietzsche was never sardonic in his writings, ever. The ubermensch thing is totally not Aryan and totally possible for all men with minimal effort and posturing.

A Note on Nietzsche’s Sarcasm: Stupid and Honest Mystics versus Dishonest and Foolish Philosophers

The system is against men, that’s why I’m still a Professor, on all the TV shows and you totally forgot who Barbara Oakley is.

It might be a good idea to ban women from occupations I deem male but I’m an equal opportunities kinda guy and also banning men from feminine occupations like mine is sexist and wrong.

Agent Provocateur, thy name is Jordan.


You know, what white people really need is another lecture.

So controversial they don’t want me to speak. New tour dates coming up!

I question IQ data on men and women but somehow miss basic statistical errors in methodology, like drawing from academia-biased samples of middle-class and rich men attending college!

But don’t you dare question the IQ of the people claiming to be Jews in America!

Poor men don’t really have any problems, I need to focus on middle-class men who are literally so oppressed because they saw an idiot acting up on Twitter.

Most damning, his Patreon is still up.
And he still isn’t listing who, exactly, is paying him.
Nor how much he gets paid.

He used to list the amount.

I’d love to see a breakdown of those financials by amount.

And he won’t debate anyone with mildly right-wing ideas.

Or anyone who isn’t a total moron shilling for TV.

Don’t pay attention to ANYONE ELSE.

This is the ONLY GUY.

Don’t even look up Stefan or Sargon.



And full links to these don’t work, forcing me to crop the start.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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