I’d love to watch a white minstrel show

I can’t picture an explicitly anti-white dance number.

I’m seriously wondering how bad it could get. I have a sense of humour so my thanatos wants to see it.

As long as you don’t count Hail Caesar! which was way too subtle.
The Communism part was correct. Historically accurate.

They did try a white spin-off in the 60s but it failed.


At least make it entertaining for us.

“Whites are gonna die!”

Hm? And they hold up demographic charts.

“Beige Race, Master Race” would be an interesting toe-tapper.

I want to see what they’d do. Free speech and all.

This is what you’re aiming for.

With penciled in thin lips, contoured nose, blue contact lenses and wavy blond wigs.

And John Barrowman. Who belongs in every musical ever.

But he’s the only white person there. His solo number is “Last white man in the world.”

The tagline could be “if you like white people, you’ll hate this show.”

The entertaining reparations. Like this in reverse.

Maybe one about colonialism? Too easy? Or was that the pitch of Hamilton?

Perhaps the old canard of American slavery? (Subtitle: Don’t say who owned the ships!)

How about Race and IQ is nothing to do with you?

Abortion is freedom? (sponsored by Planned Parenthood’s accounting department)

Crackwhore crackers?

Jailbait rock?

Mudshark mambo?

Double-Ds, tiny jeans?

Idris Elba leading a rendition of Black people in every production? called The R-Card

The brown in London town? (It’s always been there, bigots!)

How about “you owe us more white slavery”?

I’d even write some numbers to get a kick out of it.

“The Aryans were ACTUALLY Persian”

“Silly Hitler”

“A Love Song for Israel”

“The Indo in European” (we gave you NOTHING)

“Chav breeding habits”

“Rape gangs for hanging”

“I’m good, I’m vegan!” Anti-racism doesn’t exist, you want an excuse, to speak for us, bitch!

“My friend, Mohammed” and then it’s like a never-ending story a la Aristocrats.


“And if you oppose, you’re an Islamophobe!”

Alternate working title Sharia Utopia.

final number, the most controversial

America is the world?

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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