The voice of middle-class white males

This is really about men, he doesn’t really mean white women.

All he does is call white guys oppressed.

Middle-class American white males.

That is literally all he does.

The men who live like Kings compared to world history.

Men need useful role models, not shrinks! Give me a soldier, a sailor, a candle-stick maker! All more useful than him! The Elon Musk fandom is less obnoxious.

They bring up COAL MINERS. Yes, that is totally valid to 99.99% of the modern male population, you poor little pussy.

Shrinks see people as defective. Obviously he doesn’t believe his paying customers have privilege, or they wouldn’t want him to fix them!

It might as well be: Horse-drawn carriage salesman debunks automobiles!

If they feel genuinely good about themselves, it’s game over for him. He needs you DEPENDENT.

He doesn’t even acknowledge that men are privileged in many respects, biologically.

No, I don’t mean IQ because the variance is too high and if you don’t exclude poor men, like academia does (studying themselves), they’re slightly below women.

They have greater lung capacity, handy for endurance.

Greater upper body strength, better for self-defense.

Their brain can focus better but modern habits pollute this.

They’re more likely to get hired or considered competent at work, even if they dress up.

They attract fewer stalkers and are less likely to be drugged at a bar.

If they’re friendly, it’s less likely seen as flirty.

They don’t listen to that of course. After all, it never happened to them. Because they’ve never been a woman.

Bitch Shield is just “please don’t think I’m flirting” mode.

Ugly men get away with a lot more socially than ugly women. Ugly men are not told to alter their expectations at all and this gives them license to behave badly. Many don’t even know they’re ugly.

They’re taken more seriously in their opinions (another invisible one). I go anonymous online all the time so yes it’s very much a thing, start a fake female account (just the name like Gigi) and post the same opinions (avoid one topic: not about the sexes) and random ‘actually’ men will suddenly start nitpicking what is literally common sense compared to if you’re called something uniquely male like Greg, when they’ll be friendly. Calling a woman stupid is not attractive to us but they do not get this. Be prepared to be called “bitch” and “cunt” a lot too, in lieu of rebuttal. They’ll do this while admitting women are more sensitive and should be treated delicately (idiots). It’s called ‘dick move’ for this reason. They can be civil and logical – they just don’t want to. It’s male PMS.

Sizes are typically based on men and fit male waists.

Clinical trials are almost entirely men and medications are designed to work well for them (lower risk of dying).

Anatomy diagrams are typically male and models too. It’s obvious when you look at the torso, rib cage and heart size especially.

Should they feel bad about these differences when not explicitly chosen? NO.

And that’s the difference. We just want to be treated fairly on many counts (like perceived competence for the same work). We want to be on their level, the higher level.

White privilege exists too, I’d choose to be born with that cultural birthright because it’s amazing.

The difference is you don’t self-loathe based on something you were born.

One reason we hate multiculturalism is that non-whites tend to oppress us for being white in our homelands and we have no homeland to be privileged in anymore. It’s like living in a foreign colony of Europe instead of the real thing. They have theirs, it’s still there and they can return to it, we just want ours. It’s the defining (social capital) quality of homeland as a legal right that we enjoy in-group privilege on it as natives. So they try to shame you about that same thing.

And it doesn’t mean the non-whites are owed anything or can (ironically) use it as excuse to dehumanize you.

I see so often with Peterson disciples this cognitive dissonance

“Men don’t have any privilege because (anecdote or twisted irrelevant detail)”

(note: no biology)

“Well, men are just better, it’s science” (and they mean biology, despite it not working like that)

Even within men, their biological differences vary.

Regular soldier? More muscle, the better.

Sniper, someone who needs stealth? That’ll harm you.

It’s like they formulated this guy’s bit in the lab.

“But what about men?” like that’s a new line, come now

the constant implications of “…They’re so oppressed.” Well they’re hardly in death camps, are they? It’s so shrill. It’s the most spoiled incarnation of oppression I’ve ever seen. Like poor people or white people in general don’t suffer more, it’s obscene in its obliviousness. Are they being trafficked into sex slavery?

Okay, hypothetically let’s say they were, but then if that’s inherent (because it’s implied nothing can be done to fully remedy this) then that’s calling an entire sex inferior and again, not how biology works. Humans are dimorphic because we need both qualities, it’s apples and oranges.

Still, we’re stuck on fallacies of irrelevance (actually, men are more likely to get sole custody when they request it than women, MRAs lie about their data all the time and get butthurt if you point it out) and category errors (men and women aren’t meant to be the same).

If you’re gonna be a broken record on a topic, actually say something.

Don’t just complain or dismiss. Put forth new material.

He never does this, he absorbs other people’s points like a black hole.

He’s a debate Hydra. If the journalists asked him neutral questions, he’d have nothing to spin.

Replace girls with guys and same applies here.

Seeming smarter than stupid journalists is NOT intelligence, is it?

They don’t give a damn about poor men and use them like a rhetorical shiv while they sit all comfy behind their keyboards sipping shitty Starbucks coffee. Sex traitors, classist bastards.

If Peterson were so oppressed, he’d be fired. Most billionaires would be women. Most politicians would be women. Sanitary products wouldn’t be considered a luxury. Female comedians would joke about raping men and tell them to get over it, like that crime is a guaranteed laughriot. The list goes on. Research if your point is simple to debunk before making a fool of yourself because men (as a group) have many advantages and some of them are biological.

That is what privilege means.

The SJW twists this by making it into a paradigm of shame like original sin but usually it has nothing to do with women (more biology side) and Peterson is using the SJW paradigm of white guilt. This is notable.

He encourages your laziness. White men aren’t great, are they? You could say they ain’t shit.

Don’t bother being proud of your forefathers or civilization.

Don’t take action, healthy message. Especially in the West today. Don’t improve things for your people, like all the great white people of history, you aren’t privileged but you really don’t need to be, he implies. Because he believes in the experiment of multiculturalism – the slowest civil war.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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