Psychopaths in the wild

I was scrolling through perfume news the other day (don’t ask) and this is a bloody fine example of the typical pre-30 psychopathic personality, before too many failures have racked up to expose them (past 40 they tailspin with a weird wife, gambling, drugs and near 50 is the classic crisis). Whether he is or not I don’t particularly care but…the signs are useful for demonstrative purposes. It’s an uncanny resemblance if not.

There’s a ream of gossip online I won’t repeat, not knowing the truth but suspecting some truth to it. That’s me being fair.
That is one of the most glib and tone-deaf interviews I have ever seen.
There are robots who could give better replies.
Dat comment section.

I predict failure purely because refusing samples is a red flag to perfume quality.

Also too many adjectives is a sign, like the girl who uses awesome and epic (but never good or nice) probably has a personality disorder too. Shrinks can actually identify some conditions by transcript, that must be cool.

I was discussing this interview (and the creepiest female interview I ever read) with someone who had already heard of him (a man, similar age but legitimately successful) and he showed me this:

A breakdown that reads like it came from Dr Hare’s notes.

Is anyone stupid enough to think a fake Youtube name would work?
Like, with your face, mannerisms, travel habits, job and voice out there… and 4chan… really? AFTER music videos?!!!

The constant moving, can’t stick with anything is a sign.
The classic “if you question or disapprove, you’re jealous” line in the fragrantica comments.
“he starts a patreon to get enough money to launch his own ‘mass appealing fragrance’ a little down the line he buys a 300k ferrari and doesn’t have enough cash to get the bottles he wants. he removes all criticism from his comment section”
White-collar fraud, saying you’ll take money for one purpose and using it on another…

(to be fair, apparently it was a lease)

He seems dumb enough to seriously believe in Roosh’s forum religion, the long rambling imagery reminds me of the style, trying a round of windbag negs (negging doesn’t work) and the supposed clock thing is typical narc. They think everyone is paranoid like they are. Normal people don’t fear aging. Assuming a well-presented woman is a slut is really…. unfortunate. There’s nothing immoral about looking like a woman, would he prefer an androgynous blimp? Looking nice is again, normal….

It has nothing to do with you, dude. Women don’t dress with men in mind.
Fashion is about other women. At most.

Unless you’re royalty, you can’t be a manwhore and expect it to never come out. Only because royalty can afford large bribes to keep quiet.

Isn’t that the point of being promiscuous, they want the reputation?

It doesn’t make sense to think that could be kept quiet…. like sluts don’t brag? Either party?

A lesson from the Jeremy Fragrance school of flirting (he should open):

“It will happen.” Either he doesn’t listen (and obviously sucks in bed) or he thinks he’s suave.

“You will wear…” are you gay? Controlling is creepy [50 shades of shit] but it’s actually hilarious when guys claim they aren’t gay but have ‘opinions’ on womenswear. Real men don’t give a shit what you’re wearing.

“You hot woman” “what I do with you” “It will happen intensely babe”

A man over 20 using the word babe.

It’s like the personal fanfic of a horny 13 year-old.

“I go with you on restroom, kiss you and press you down open my business suit pants.”

Porn addiction makes men embarrassing. She repeatedly tries to gently correct him until he gets nasty. Threatening the Reaper to a woman clearly attractive enough to flirt with just seems like desperate tactics. Take rejection like a man.

Pick-up lines clearly do not work.

He’s not bothered, really! (texts multiple passive-aggressive paragraphs intended to make her, what, suicidal?)

“You are sick” objective observation there from well-dressed woman. He has a thing for teenagers.
“I see how that pisses you off….” they cannot take criticism, like a baby. The cheap Svengali abuse routine is nauseating. I know you are but what am I – but serious and proud. They actually think they influence people with this bullshit, who just think WTF? Is he high?

He deliberately tried to damage her self-esteem, to make her possibly easy to sexually exploit, that’s textbook psychopathic.

Men don’t take validation from women either, he looks like an utter loser in this exchange, this definitely smells of Roosh’s forum cult. 99% failure and they’ll still claim it’s a science. Sunk cost is a bitch. Get over yourself and buy hookers. Think of all the hours these people waste…. trying to do something humans did for millennia naturally.

She’s right, he started it. He tried trolling her. She was just showing other people, which women do constantly. If he was right and she was some slut, it would’ve stuck to her instead. He accused her of being a whore too. (He clearly didn’t believe it, because pros don’t work for free). She should sue. Her reputation is real and hence, valuable, financially. I’d sue. That’s a serious set of allegations. Solicitation alone (if he claims he thought she was) is very illegal?

Compulsively lying men (psychopath marker) cannot be allowed to get away with it, they’re the reason defamation law exists. You can’t just claim things about a woman’s medical affairs. Defamation is reckless, like psychopaths.

I love e-celebs, their fuck-ups are real, unlike the reality TV stars.
I can’t wait to watch this shitshow.

New subscriber to the circus.
Why does anyone want to be famous? Who is dumb enough to want all that attention, especially if they’re doing shady shit?
That’s the narcissism, I guess. The greater thrill.

I don’t think he looks under 30 myself but maybe it’s sun damage. Germans get a lot of that in their DNA. I’d say 30-32 so probably sun damage. Then again, showbiz practically expects you to lie about your age.

This isn’t a bad song (Europop mashup with K-pop, am I right?) but the nudity is awful.

For balance, female example of the glibness.

If you want another, female example of how not to give an interview (unless you want to seem like a cunt):
She literally wrote a (inspired by a true story) ‘fiction’ book about basically hooking (you don’t live with a man for two years with no sex).

The best tell with the females is emulating another, competition. She literally morphed herself into the ex-wife to try and transfer his affections and loyalty to her.

And a female mask drop, 1:22 panic from exposing the lack of empathy.

Woman who has said:
“I have an obsession with mortality. I saw a friend die when I was 18 and I can’t get over it. I know it’s unhealthy but I don’t know how to rid myself of it. I’m terrified I’m about to die or that all the people I love are about to die, every second of every day.”
So no, that isn’t awkwardness. She pulls a different set of facial expressions when he is watching to when he isn’t. Psychopaths mull over death like a meal but try to make out like it’s anxiety when it sounds clearly like enthusiasm and, as she put it, obsession. The only thing a psychopath is capable of fearing is death (their own*) and she seems to expect she can be rid of (or never feel?) any other fear.

*or the death of anyone useful to them.

Despite this detour into being interesting, now she’s a yoga vegan who believes in global warming and cares about animals way, way more than people, because that makes sense.

comment “What an upper class arsehole she is.”
correction below “*lower class
Public schoolgirls. Hated here. They’re all like this. All of them.
“Those sunglasses say it all…”
“I think its both ways. If you notice, he seems just as vacant and distant as she is.”
The signs. Are there.
“Marriage is a social construct, but I still believe in it,” – things a traditional woman would never say, Alex.
For God’s sake, stop milking the American taxpayer. No vagina is worth that. Clearly neither of you can be trusted near an altar ever again, lest you make another ‘mistake’. Why are people granted so many marriage licenses? A driver’s license has a sensible limit!

Weird interviews are everywhere nowadays.

Were none of you taught interview skills from a young age? Really?

Actress Talulah Riley shares her obsession with mortality and life with a billionaire
“Am I going to be with Mr Average? That’s the way I see it!”
Trash. Absolute trash.
Don’t be trash.

Skank spotting has nothing to do with showing skin or designer labels.
A woman who likes fashion isn’t a slut or she couldn’t get away with dressing like one socially, a snake doesn’t say venomous on its head but a non-venomous one might.
This supposed snowflake exceptionalism to average is how they think. Daddy’s Little Girl. Violet Beauregard.

Maybe Jeremy should give her his number and tell her what to wear.

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