I’m triggered by secular Christmas

It’s the time of year when I’m plonked down in front of someone else’s TV and I hate it.

“Happy PC Secular Christmas!” all of the decidedly non-Christian programmes declare.

It’s a hollow word to them.

I have watched at least fifty hours of various Christmas television and not ONCE was Jesus mentioned.

When are they trying this with any other religion? This is erasure.

Don’t use the word Christmas unless you use it properly.


“The “Check Your Oxygen Privilege Act” will be voted on later this week.”
something something carbon dioxide global warming

“Those who once resided in the notoriously sinful cities are beginning to complain that America is still in existence, despite its senseless slaughter of the unborn and unquestioning acceptance of activities that were considered unthinkably perverse just a decade or two ago.”

The acceptance of anal among men who claim to be straight is astounding as an example of male stupidity. Anal is still referred to as “gay sex”…. they’ll learn once they are diagnosed with typical gay diseases.

Sodom was known to be evil because it famously wanted to anally rape two angels. Safety from sodomy was the plot. Nowadays we know what a microbiome is but the so-called intellectuals celebrate anal tearing.


Even Christians are full of pride.

America wasn’t a melting pot before it left the Empire.
Has nobody thought about that phrase?
A melting pot is where you put the inferior meat.
You already had an ethnostate, it was called the British Empire.
Divide and conquer.
Why do government workers have legal immunity?
Why can’t you sue the whip hand?

Logically, a free society would work simply.
e.g. If you choose to pay taxes, you can vote on how those are spent.
If you choose not to pay taxes, you cannot vote on how others’ taxes are spent.

This doesn’t have to be difficult.

One response to “I’m triggered by secular Christmas

  1. The acceptance of anal among men who claim to be straight is astounding as an example of male stupidity.

    Is NOT a Boomer thing, I should point out.

    It is as faggy as one can get. This Boomer man said so.

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