Video: Stefan hints at K-shift

Socialists are thieves who pretend it isn’t stealing if they bribe you to say it isn’t.

He doesn’t mention the connection between IQ and time preference.

Nor how cucking men expect immigrants to fight any war for them.

That doesn’t get mentioned as a motive (we all know about the rapey women).

Hold people responsible for their own moral compass via taxation.

e.g. Claim to be a Communist? You’re taxed at 100% but given the bare minimum you need to survive.

e.g. a celebrity supports ‘refugees’? They become personally responsible for specific ones, that live next door or in their home.

e.g. Hollywood thinks money can grow on trees? Let California entirely self-fund and Tax Hollywood Companies ‘fairly’, they are not charities. Why isn’t Hollywood paying tax? Why can’t the IRS audit JK Rowling for claiming 7/8 Harry Potter films made no profit?

e.g. The Guardian Media Group complain about rich oligarchs and unfairly low taxes? Pull all their offshore money back home, to spend on their pet causes.


You might think this is radical, but virtue signalling works on a long-held Western principle of honour.

They promise these things? The government must enforce it.

The welfare state is already broke and the people think we should spend less on the bloated system, actually.


Margaret Thatcher said ‘The facts of life are conservative.’

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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