Abolish the BBC tax

Taxpayer money, private profits. They are not a branch of government.
They are a publisher, not a platform. Various people are banned and most expressions barred.
Censorship, low ratings, anti-white hiring against the Equality Act.
The age of radio is dead, we don’t need nor want an official news source.
They omit reports they don’t want to cover or cover them insufficiently e.g. rape gangs, Sharia courts, family court secrecy, human (sexual) slavery.
A TV license is absurd, especially if it’s national (therefore a citizen’s right).
It claims to be national but also international… why can’t other nations pay the fee?
It hates nationalism and patriotism. Who do you represent?
They routinely bribe celebrities with lavish gifts while wringing their hands about the poor.
Why can’t they be sued for lying? For fraud? For defamation? Why doesn’t the law apply to them?
Crony capitalism is a plutocracy because only those with a mind to propagandise would purchase vestiges of a dying medium.

Why aren’t their products freely available if they’re a public service?

Not even educational ones?

They’re so arrogant, dead man walking.

I’m never getting a TV and everyone I know is the same.

It’s a protest against the ridiculousness of the license.

Why pay for something I don’t want to use?

Once you’ve experienced life without one for a while, all the free time it allows, I’d pay them not to shove the propaganda in my face like a Sharia-pushing bukake. I feel free of an abusive psychological relationship.

Actually there should be a Parliamentary petition about it, it’s extortion. Most people with TVs don’t buy it for the BBC. We use TVs, if we get them, for video games and the internet.

Seriously. I think I just proved how young I am.

It’s just another screen. This is like comparing the death of newspaper sales (inc. Guardian) to the death of the classics. It’s a non sequitur. Nobody watching BBC Three is interested in The Iliad.

None of us like the BBC. Watching it after years of not, say in a bar, is actually close to torture. It’s asinine PC crap.

I would rather watch paint dry than the latest lame NPC rhetoric shoe-horned into a diversity parade drama very, very awkwardly.

Literally nothing is a better alternative.

The Left is right on one point, representation is important. White people want to watch other white people. It took Downton Abbey to prove this. The most successful drama since the 1980s – not the BBC’s.

They tried to do their own version but it failed – due to PC plots and casting choices.

Also, have you seen their presenters? Why do we watch TV? We want to watch attractive people. They do not cast attractive people. Ratings would be higher if they stopped trying to act like looks don’t matter. In showbiz, that’s 90% what matters.

You can sign up for plenty of streaming services with more documentaries and differences of opinion than the BBC could ever produce. Lindybeige plugs one all the time.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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