Real men aren’t selfish

Patriarchy doesn’t smell like money, honey.


CHARACTER, honesty, reliability, intelligence, nobility, selflessness, respect, resilient.

Most good men in the history of mankind were far from “rich” and it’s easier to be charitable with a lot to spare. Jesus mentioned the hypocrisy.

Why do Americans insist a man’s worth is secondary to his net worth? How shallow are you to ignore character?

Well, maybe that explains your divorce rate better.

If the economy went down, the con artists who struck it rich would be worth…. what, exactly?

Look at the soul. The inherent quality of men.

Abolish the BBC tax

Taxpayer money, private profits. They are not a branch of government.
They are a publisher, not a platform. Various people are banned and most expressions barred.
Censorship, low ratings, anti-white hiring against the Equality Act.
The age of radio is dead, we don’t need nor want an official news source.
They omit reports they don’t want to cover or cover them insufficiently e.g. rape gangs, Sharia courts, family court secrecy, human (sexual) slavery.
A TV license is absurd, especially if it’s national (therefore a citizen’s right).
It claims to be national but also international… why can’t other nations pay the fee?
It hates nationalism and patriotism. Who do you represent?
They routinely bribe celebrities with lavish gifts while wringing their hands about the poor.
Why can’t they be sued for lying? For fraud? For defamation? Why doesn’t the law apply to them?
Crony capitalism is a plutocracy because only those with a mind to propagandise would purchase vestiges of a dying medium.

Why aren’t their products freely available if they’re a public service?

Not even educational ones?

They’re so arrogant, dead man walking.

I’m never getting a TV and everyone I know is the same.

It’s a protest against the ridiculousness of the license.

Why pay for something I don’t want to use?

Once you’ve experienced life without one for a while, all the free time it allows, I’d pay them not to shove the propaganda in my face like a Sharia-pushing bukake. I feel free of an abusive psychological relationship.

Actually there should be a Parliamentary petition about it, it’s extortion. Most people with TVs don’t buy it for the BBC. We use TVs, if we get them, for video games and the internet.

Seriously. I think I just proved how young I am.

It’s just another screen. This is like comparing the death of newspaper sales (inc. Guardian) to the death of the classics. It’s a non sequitur. Nobody watching BBC Three is interested in The Iliad.

None of us like the BBC. Watching it after years of not, say in a bar, is actually close to torture. It’s asinine PC crap.

I would rather watch paint dry than the latest lame NPC rhetoric shoe-horned into a diversity parade drama very, very awkwardly.

Literally nothing is a better alternative.

The Left is right on one point, representation is important. White people want to watch other white people. It took Downton Abbey to prove this. The most successful drama since the 1980s – not the BBC’s.

They tried to do their own version but it failed – due to PC plots and casting choices.

Also, have you seen their presenters? Why do we watch TV? We want to watch attractive people. They do not cast attractive people. Ratings would be higher if they stopped trying to act like looks don’t matter. In showbiz, that’s 90% what matters.

You can sign up for plenty of streaming services with more documentaries and differences of opinion than the BBC could ever produce. Lindybeige plugs one all the time.

Video: Stefan hints at K-shift

Socialists are thieves who pretend it isn’t stealing if they bribe you to say it isn’t.

He doesn’t mention the connection between IQ and time preference.

Nor how cucking men expect immigrants to fight any war for them.

That doesn’t get mentioned as a motive (we all know about the rapey women).

Hold people responsible for their own moral compass via taxation.

e.g. Claim to be a Communist? You’re taxed at 100% but given the bare minimum you need to survive.

e.g. a celebrity supports ‘refugees’? They become personally responsible for specific ones, that live next door or in their home.

e.g. Hollywood thinks money can grow on trees? Let California entirely self-fund and Tax Hollywood Companies ‘fairly’, they are not charities. Why isn’t Hollywood paying tax? Why can’t the IRS audit JK Rowling for claiming 7/8 Harry Potter films made no profit?

e.g. The Guardian Media Group complain about rich oligarchs and unfairly low taxes? Pull all their offshore money back home, to spend on their pet causes.


You might think this is radical, but virtue signalling works on a long-held Western principle of honour.

They promise these things? The government must enforce it.

The welfare state is already broke and the people think we should spend less on the bloated system, actually.


Margaret Thatcher said ‘The facts of life are conservative.’

Best “On Sale” item this week

They still haven’t sold all the bunting. In December.

I feel like buying up all the bunting and burning it to God Save the Queen, she’d approve.

By comparison, this llamacorn cup is £4.

This Hello Kitty globe is £5.

You really need to appreciate this masterpiece up close.

I think they’re going to eat my soul.

Mixed race couples provoke disgust

“That indicates that viewing images of interracial couples evokes disgust at a neural level,” Skinner said.


“Yuck, you disgust me!” Affective bias against interracial couples’

“Study 2 provides evidence that images of interracial couples evoke a neural disgust response among observers – as indicated by increased insula activation relative to images of same-race couples.”

The real science behind the “beige is beautiful” movement.
They never feed the faces into computer models like real beauty studies because the result is uncanny. It would be rejected.

Attitude surveys are nothing to brain studies. People lied in study 1 to avoid arrest.

Nobody’s jealous, it’s biologically proven they’re disgusted.
Asking them to be anything else is oppressive to their biology.

I’m triggered by secular Christmas

It’s the time of year when I’m plonked down in front of someone else’s TV and I hate it.

“Happy PC Secular Christmas!” all of the decidedly non-Christian programmes declare.

It’s a hollow word to them.

I have watched at least fifty hours of various Christmas television and not ONCE was Jesus mentioned.

When are they trying this with any other religion? This is erasure.

Don’t use the word Christmas unless you use it properly.
“The “Check Your Oxygen Privilege Act” will be voted on later this week.”
something something carbon dioxide global warming
“Those who once resided in the notoriously sinful cities are beginning to complain that America is still in existence, despite its senseless slaughter of the unborn and unquestioning acceptance of activities that were considered unthinkably perverse just a decade or two ago.”

The acceptance of anal among men who claim to be straight is astounding as an example of male stupidity. Anal is still referred to as “gay sex”…. they’ll learn once they are diagnosed with typical gay diseases.

Sodom was known to be evil because it famously wanted to anally rape two angels. Safety from sodomy was the plot. Nowadays we know what a microbiome is but the so-called intellectuals celebrate anal tearing.

Even Christians are full of pride.

America wasn’t a melting pot before it left the Empire.
Has nobody thought about that phrase?
A melting pot is where you put the inferior meat.
You already had an ethnostate, it was called the British Empire.
Divide and conquer.
Why do government workers have legal immunity?
Why can’t you sue the whip hand?

Logically, a free society would work simply.
e.g. If you choose to pay taxes, you can vote on how those are spent.
If you choose not to pay taxes, you cannot vote on how others’ taxes are spent.

This doesn’t have to be difficult.