Peterson’s puppets

It’s so blatant I bet 100% of them never figured it out.*

You’ll always need his opinion, no other psychiatrist online and certainly not your own opinion.

Identify with something with no agency, an external conscience and wood for brains.

*Below a conscious level.

He knows that.

How to spot a cult leader?

After years, men immersed in his materials are more dependent. On him.

Well, the first time I saw the Disney videos I laughed because since MK Ultra became well known, surely people aren’t that stupid?

I said to myself “I’m not a puppet, there are no strings on me”.

Unless you accept his, of course. Isn’t that the point?

Really, undeniable on this count.

Why doesn’t he mention Svengalis, given the material?

And a long monologue on Pleasure Island but omitting the subject of male, life-ruining vice? HOW?

Like PI isn’t a “den of iniquity”? Why not mention the vice? Why omit what should be passing censure?

Pinocchio was totally selfish, wanting his cake (a good life) and eating it (but being a bad person) . The plot took away the ass’s ears but IRL, there is no magic and certain things cannot be undone, having a personal deserved reputation as an ass publicly brands you for life, as it should. He doesn’t mention CONSEQUENCES in a story about morality and maturity.

He wouldn’t dare do an hour-plus video on Peter Pan, his followers would kill him.

They’re too weak to ask the hard questions.

All I see is ten minute hints. WEAK.

Dorian Gray would be a laughriot.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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