“Luciferian” doctrine

Evil is good might work as a Big Lie for a while.

But considering all the depravity and evil Satan is responsible for, that doesn’t really gel.

The most evil people still feel discomfort upon facing the consequences of their choices.

Even calling it Lucifer is a lie. Lucifer is a planet, Venus.

Yep, female. The Morning Star because you can see it – get this guys – IN THE MORNING.

This is why you really can’t read the literal translations of the Bible nor any latter editions without a basic grip of astrology. It’s a guide home for people who lost the night stars, but the Sun hasn’t risen enough yet to interpret. That’s it. Survivalists follow Lucifer, it’s a large ball of lava.

Satan is clearly referred to as He. He tempts Jesus in the desert and doesn’t seem to possess a fine bosom.

That’s right:

Even the pretentious Satanists, don’t want to admit they’re working for Satan.

A rose by any other name, bitches. True names are their weakness.

Satan embodies pride, the typical male vice.

Pride goes before a – yep, it’s about Satan.

Full of pride are the followers who think they can deceive the Deceiver himself and never pay up with their soul.

The religion of Satanism is given the PC term hedonism, utterly selfish and materialistic.

Ancient hedons weren’t amoral. They rarely indulged, actually.

The concept of the individual is somewhat Satanic because it allows one to shirk their duty to their parents in the 10 commandments and duty to siblings, spouse, children. We call this narcissistic entitlement and it’s cancer to culture.

Anything that excuses bad behaviour (sin) and lets people off the hook.

Onto the biggest hook. Your soul is the only valuable thing you have.

The concept of the individual allowed American traitors to send factories (and their precious cargo, trade secrets) abroad to Asia. Now Asia can produce anything American can, in a war because the secrets have been offered up. Sacrifices for individual profit, for race traitors. False collectives harm you too (a political party, an entire gender regardless of race, senseless rebellion based on age). It’s short-lived, what you gain with sin is taken by another’s sin (as you sow, shall you reap).

Have you seen that dead Hollywood energy? Soul-less people exist. It’s living Hell.

Plot twist: the new global language is supposed to be Mandarin, hence the push to get parents to teach their kids.

Millions speak it already and many who didn’t were planned for extermination.

When they find out (if Q ever LETS them wake up) they’ll be pretty pissed.

Q hasn’t told you that one yet, has he?

When I figured this out is when I started distrusting China and its Empire ambitions to crush the rest of Asia.

The other Asians have every right to the civilized parts of their respective cultures.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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