The Weinstein of 100 years ago

Again, none of this is original to our times, someone tell the hysterical guys who act like the sky is falling because celebrity isn’t an excuse for debauchery …anymore. The internet just means we hear more about it.

This is the most sickeningly sympathetic write-up I’ve ever seen.

Perhaps of violating a young woman,

murdering by torture….

but definitely of being too much — too big, too rich, too tasteless. He became the symbol for Hollywood excess — physical, monetary — writ large.”

They defended Harvey Weinstein because he was fat and rich.

“Point is: censors, like the rest of America, were increasingly convinced that stars’ immoral actions off the screen meant that they shouldn’t appear on the screen.”

True, corrupting the youth with public actions. Public figures have a duty to behave well in public. It’s called character.

Otherwise: Kardashians.

“While stars did not necessarily adhere to these clauses, their existence served an enormous P.R. function, underlining the studios’ refusal to tolerate “immoral” behavior.”

Don’t break the law is kinda what other people are held to as well.

He obviously did it, a cola bottle is too random to be fake and since she died shortly after (needing the shards removed), clearly something he did caused it that night.

Why do degenerates act shocked when taking multiple risks ends badly?
You can tell by the eyes he’s a deviant. He even looks like Harvey.

I wonder if there’s a rape face.

He was frequently beaten as a child by a father who hated him, how to make a rapist 101. It’s a huge red flag for becoming an abuser and you shouldn’t trust any man with a babyface. There’s always something off. Usually they’re sadists, there was a film about a female one and they explained it as some medical condition.

Babyface is a mask. Botox in Hollywood is intended to cover the monster as time reveals their true form like a sluttier Dorian Gray. Many serial rapists are fat or very muscled because they can effectively overpower ANY woman or child.

Predators think how best to dominate, not their health.

“That night, Arbuckle, all of 48 years old, died in his sleep.”
Fat acceptance guy dies young, shocker.

They’re not going after men. They’re putting criminals on trial.

The “red pill” guys should look at abuse statistics, it just so happens many men are committing violent crimes.

What, should we not hold them accountable because male?

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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