White is a colour, black is a shade


Black is not a colour.

White people are POC. Recessive phenotype variation.

Words originating from optics retain the definitions found in Optics, 101.

Thank you, Newton.

This is like the morons like Rihanna who say diamonds “shine”.

No diamond has ever shone. I doubt she even knows the word ‘shone’.

They reflect because they cannot emit visible light. Child level physics.

If you refuse to use English properly, use a non-white language instead.

Actually, why do so many Africans appropriate white language in America?

White people are also a global minority, the only race that isn’t at replacement level, so stop trying to play that card too. We owe you nothing.

If you hate white people so much, move back home. Aw, but it sucks there, doesn’t it?

The places with no pesky whites, like the future.

White people are literally a minority, get over it SJWs: http://www.prb.org/pdf13/2013-WPDS-infographic_MED.pdf

Those 8 billion won’t last long.

You can’t blame whites for failures thousands of years long.

Like refusing to shut your legs according to food supply.

When you ‘kindly’ feed 10 million starving Third Worlders, what do you get?

A billion starving Third Worlders.

Ironically, fake Christians will be historically recorded as the greatest mass murderers.


Asia will be Africa’s owner, they already are.

Suck it up.

In conclusion, fuck foreign aid.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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