Soy, secret cause of meat allergies

China’s cheap farm animal food supply tainting our meat.

We’re all soy boys.

Also, don’t buy Kerrygold.

It may be grass-fed but the term you need is grass-finished i.e. the nutrients end up in the finished product.

There’s also the issue of dioxins.

2 responses to “Soy, secret cause of meat allergies

  1. Soy is toxic. so much so, it has to be cooked to break down the toxins. Friend from China eat little of it, the men almost none, because even cooked, the toxins still present cause a lot of problems. The USDA at last listened to China’s agriculture department and ‘recommended’ no soy to male livestock. Now, they say none to animals at all. But, tell that to the lemming people in foil hats.

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