Virginia US abortion openly infanticide

I don’t recall the Nazis ever doing this.

“Your body your choice” is sound libertarian logic.

However, once born, it isn’t in your body anymore.

(And different races have different gestation times, Africans are the shortest).

If an infant is viable externally, even on machines (the date gets lower as technology improves) the abortion becomes evil. If these people were intellectually honest, argued in good faith and had any interest in morality beyond their selfish desires.

Big Pharma buys and sells body parts. Buy from the hospital, the parents donate it for free or it goes missing, claiming it’s been cremated. They sell the parts online to “researchers”.

As covered and previously linked also, they can use aborted tissue and circumcised foreskin tissues in some dermal fillers.

We live in an era of happy infanticide and parental “rights” for rapists.

How progressive…ly insane.

This is why lawyers go first.

nb (Early abortion always existed historically in rape cases, we don’t mean those. You consented to the sex, you knew babymaking could result in a baby or you’d have done oral).

2 responses to “Virginia US abortion openly infanticide

  1. Well, hm, most abortionists are pretty anal, so why don’t they do it that way? 🙂 One great thing about being native American, women tend to ah, do an assisted suicide of their daughters and nieces who have abortions, even in rape cases. Muslims do not tolerate abortionists, either, and use that as a reason to kill atheists and others, who do approve of abortion. Niio. this is a good post!

  2. Nazis, and the Soviets, only allowed abortion in the case of rape or suspected genetic deformity. To end a pregnancy when your fetus is ready to be born is absolutely disgusting. If you must get an abortion, since ancient times and even before you get it in the earliest weeks. Waiting too long, and getting repeated abortions, WILL kill you. If not, it’ll sterilize you.

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