One response to “The fruits of multicultural utopia

  1. Europeans are very tribal. Like them, the Dems never learned to be Native American. We’re the original melting pot. anyone was respected and accepted who wanted to live among us. Two main rules: do not bug the old folks and do not scare the kids. Other than that, you were free to do as you wished. Like a lady in chinatown, NYC, said, 1st generation is chinese to the core till they die. Second gen loves baseball and everything American. 3rd generation swills beer and farts a lot. Without the jackass Party playing the skin game (AKA the KKK, neonazis and so on) all peoples who come here came with the idea of being American. Not Mexican American, Irish American, et al. Now you can visit Little Jamaica in NYC. Go to places in N. Carolina where you better understand Spanish. Divide and conquer is dnc policy. that’s how liberals in Europe see it, where it was played out from at least the days of Rome.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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