FDA tells creepy Boomers to literally stop vampirizing young


The FDA has warned old people to stop infusing plasma from young people in order to slow down the aging process, saying it has “no proven clinical benefit” according to Bloomberg.

Can young people sue Thiel for pushing it?

It’s incitement.



Vampire serial killers and blood libel.


Wikipedia: “Thiel is a member of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group, a private, annual gathering ”

I hate being right, guys.


“There is no proven clinical benefit of infusion of plasma from young donors to cure, mitigate, treat or prevent these conditions, and there are risks associated with the use of any plasma product,” reads a statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb and Peter Marks, who leads the agency’s biologics center.

The idea of infusing young blood to fight aging has attracted technology entrepreneurs like billionaire Peter Thiel and was lampooned in a 2017 episode of the HBO show “Silicon Valley.” Thiel’s reported interest was sparked by a company called Ambrosia, which has locations in five states across the U.S. and sells one liter of blood plasma from donors between the ages of 16 and 25 for $8,000, according to its website.

Gottlieb and Marks said none of the plasma treatments has gone through the rigorous testing required by the agency. Ambrosia says “experiments in mice called parabiosis provided the inspiration to deliver treatments with young plasma.” The FDA approval typically requires human trials before companies can make a specific health claim about a product.

But they’re trying to normalize….


Because nobody will ask why they really want blood cannibalism to be socially acceptable.

Sick sanguivores.

Imagine if they did a study of criminal pedos and claimed they were healthier after the attacks.

So. Fucking. What.

(They’re going to claim that, eventually).

2 responses to “FDA tells creepy Boomers to literally stop vampirizing young

  1. You generally paint a better picture for your readers, but it appears that the Boomer rancor gets in your way.

    So, Boomers now consist of:

    As of last fall, the company had performed the procedure on about 150 people ranging in age from 35 to 92

    (From the article you cited)

    150 people down to age 35 (Boomers get younger and younger)

  2. Thiele is a common German surname. You can tell if someone has a Hebrew lineage by the Hebrew names they inevitably keep and is recorded by their rabbi.

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